Requiem for the Gulf

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For a sense of the scale of this disaster, please see my post Pray for the Gulf Coast.”

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  1. This is absolutely horrific, and this administration is doing nothing about this ongoing tragedy! Immediate assistance is required!!! I have been and will continue to pray!

  2. The saddest thing is that only the oil industry will be able to understand how to end this geyser. Government officials, police, CIA, EPA, etc, are not informed or trained in this type of disaster. We must, in spite of scorn, they can fix it. It is trial and error, since the magnitude of the disaster is new to us to handle. But BP and the rest of the fools, who else can solve, or at least try? That a person would be the first non-oil there to try to fix something that does not know how? We do our discontent that has been repaired. Meanwhile, any person without disabilities can come down and help clean up wildlife.


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