Requesting a small favor…

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Dear friends,
There are less than 7 months until Election Day when the people will decide who will be the next President of the United States.  The person elected will be the president of all Americans, not just the Democrats or the Republicans. It’s time that we all need to come together, Democrats and Republicans alike, in a bi-partisan effort for America.
If you will support Mitt Romney, please drive with your headlights ON during the day.
If you support Barack Obama, please drive with your headlights OFF at night.
Together, we can make it happen. Thank you!
h/t Kelly

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0 responses to “Requesting a small favor…

  1. HaHaHaHa
    Liberals are always moaning about over-population (while, paradoxically, at the same time being pro-illegal immigration), this will help reduce the population! 😀

  2. Just doing the ‘green’-thing and saving energy…er lessening their
    global carbon imprint…
    but I support Ron Paul (the OTHER nominee)and will drive with my
    eyes open 🙂

  3. Together let’s make it happen! Our and our country’s future depends
    on it! Blessings, Andy


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