Republicans vs. Conservatives

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Republicans vs Conservatives

By Tom in NC, a regular Fellowship columnist
Some Republicans, not just RINOs, are showing their true colors.
They know change is coming, they know that the American people are fed up with business as usual, and they know that the heads of incumbents are on the proverbial chopping block. TEA Party candidates are winning in the primaries against long time incumbents and the Republican establishment is getting very nervous. They, like the Democrats, are seeing their control being stripped from them by the biggest and best organized grass roots movement in this country’s history.
In less than two years, what began as a rant on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange by CNBC Business News editor Rick Santelli, has grown into a political force that has rocked the political world.
Conservatives are making inroads and are threatening to take over the House and possibly the Senate. Our enemies are using the same tired old tactics — accusations of racism, claims of inexperience, and just plain old fashioned mudslinging. Our enemies are not only Democrats but we are now dealing with RINOs and establishment Republicans unwilling to surrender their liberal ideology and their power.
November is shaping up to be a historic election. Conservatives like Christine O’Donnell, though with little experience, are what the American people are looking for — new blood to take the place of the dinosaurs that infest our government; new ideas to replace old, worn out agendas. Our country is ready for real change, not Marxism and Socialism packaged as change imposed on us for the last 20 months.
Republicans can either lead, follow, or get run over by the CONSERVATIVE JUGGERNAUT. The choice is theirs, but we cannot and WILL NOT be stopped.

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  1. Good job Tom and I completely agree with you!

  2. Now this is real change I can believe in!!

  3. I hope Michael Steele is losing sleep at night.


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