Reporters Prevented From Filming Gulf Oil

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This is outrageous.
BP and the Obama administration are colluding at covering up what’s going on in the Gulf.
A boatload of BP contractors and two Coastguard officers told a CBS crew they couldn’t film the oil on Louisiana’s beaches “under threat of arrest.”


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0 responses to “Reporters Prevented From Filming Gulf Oil

  1. If the press would rise from the dead-they should be on this everyday at every angle. Do you remember when this rig was hit,media blackout for 9-13 days by the fraud. he does not want everyone to know what is really going on. He wants to shut blogs down like this one so we cannot communicate about such things.

  2. Civil rights violation under color of lawful authority… definite federal crime right there.

  3. See what I said ’bout Rolling Stone? “That’s it. If I’ve lost Rolling Stone, I’ve lost young, leftist America.” Amend that to: “That’s it. If I’ve lost Katie Kouric, I’ve lost damn,-she’s-got-some-nice-thighs America.” (From a discussion among soldiers over breakfast at the mess hall in Korea one morning years ago– it was a toss-up between her and Kathy Lee Gifford, if anyone’s curious.)

  4. Well,
    Nixon tried to shut down the press and suddenly he was gone….

  5. This really does not feel like America any more.

  6. Hi y’all!
    Just wanted to drop by and say hi to my friends here at FOTM.
    We got hit again 4 days after the first strike, so now I am busy replacing more fixtures.
    I also tested several receptacles and they are no-longer grounded, so I am replacing them, too, as that is a decidedly dangerous condition as electricity always seeks the shortest route to the ground, and if you are that route, you are going to take the full load.
    Hop[e to have everything, including my RAM challenged pooter back up and running for-real in another day or two.
    Y’all be good now, ya hea?

    • Dave, sorry to hear you got hit again, man that sucks! Be careful replacing everything…no shocks please!

    • Sorry that you were hit a second time. Thanks for letting us know what happened, Dave. We sure have missed you here on the Fellowship. Looking forward to your return full time! 😀

  7. Buck Ofama


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