Reporter Assaulted in Egypt Protests

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CBS Reporter Lara Logan Before the Attack

CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Separated From Her Crew and Brutally Assaulted on Day Mubarak Stepped Down
Via CBS News, CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan was covering the jubilation in Tahrir Square for a “60 Minutes” story when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration. It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into frenzy.
In the crush of the mob, she was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers. She reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning. She is currently in the hospital recovering.
CNN reports that earlier during the Cairo protests, Logan and her crew were detained overnight and interrogated. “We were not attacked by crazy people in Tahrir Square,” Logan told Esquire’s The Politics Blog about the February 3 incident. “We were detained by the Egyptian army. Arrested, detained and interrogated. Blindfolded, handcuffed, taken at gunpoint, our driver beaten. It’s the regime that arrested us. They arrested (our producer) just outside of his hotel, and they took him off the road at gunpoint, threw him against the wall, handcuffed him, blindfolded him. Took him into custody like that.”
Prayers for her recovery and the crew. And prayers that Egypt will in turn have a true”democracy”.  Because I’m sure the country and their women (and foreign reporters) won’t be any better off with the Muslim Brotherhood in power.

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0 responses to “Reporter Assaulted in Egypt Protests

  1. Prayers for a brave young lady. I saw her on Charlie Rose before she was attacked, and was impressed with her intelligent and nonMSMbullmanure analysis of Egypt and especially the war in Afghanistan.

  2. Prayers for this lovely young woman. May she recover and overcome the atrocities done to her at the hands of these animals.

  3. Laura’s actually brave enough to go out there on the streets, so she doesn’t fall for all the spin. I hope she has a fast recovery.
    As for Egypt, all the liberals cheering about democracy there will soon wake up to realize that A) a military coup has occurred, and B) the military will continue most of Murabak’s policies concerning America.
    Then it won’t be Obama’s great achievement anymore.

  4. Steve,
    I remember reading that even Code Pink has to restrain from sending pretty blondes into poor Muslim countries. A beautiful, obviously WASP-looking woman like Laura Logan, she was an obvious target.
    I’m not trying to put any blame on CBS – obviously the perps are responsible – but I admit to being surprised they let someone like her be out there after knowing Anderson Cooper and Greg Palkot had already been attacked.

  5. I hope Lara Logan recovers from what those camel-washer bastards did to her. May they all rot in Hell.
    Lara is a lefty to be sure, but she is the only reporter at that God-forsaken network I can even tolerate.
    Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if she replaced the Perky One.

  6. When is the western world going to realize that they are hated by the Muslim world. Trying to change them in their territory is hopeless. Giving them social services in the western world is treason. The only way to deal with these animals is to isolate them in the Middle East.

  7. Just love how Allah’s responsible for their behavior and uncovered women “make” ’em rape them.

  8. in every place there’s good and there’s bad,however in mideast we find this behavior for the lack of extra legal relationships .yet the majority of men are decent and would help any female in need and protect her as thiere own family


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