Report: Priest pedophilia is on the rise again, linked to homosexuality

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On Nov. 2, 2018, Louisiana-based Ruth Institute released a study, Is Catholic clergy sex abuse related to homosexual priests?.

The Ruth Institute was founded in 2008 by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, an economics-trained author and writer on marriage, family and human sexuality who was the spokesperson for Proposition 8, the California ballot measure defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman which was passed by voters but nixed by an activist judge. Far-left groups including the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have criticized the Ruth Institute’s stance against same-sex marriage and other LGBT causes. In Aug. 23, 2017, responding to being labeled a “hate group” by SPLC, the Ruth Institute said it “categorically condemns white supremacy, racism, Nazism, and all violent totalitarian political movements. People who cannot defend their positions using reason and evidence resort to name-calling to change the subject away from their anemic arguments. The ‘hate group’ label is a club such people invented to bludgeon their political opponents.”

The study was conducted by Ruth Institute senior research associate Dr./ Rev. D. Paul Sullins — a recently retired Catholic University of America sociology professor who is a leader in the field of research on same-sex parenting and its implications for child development, with four books, including Keeping the Vow: The Untold Story of Married Catholic Priests, and over 100 journal articles, research reports, and essays on issues of family, faith, and culture. He is a former Episcopal priest, married for 30 years with three children, who was ordained to the Catholic priesthood in 2002. He is Associate Pastor of the Church of Saint Mark the Evangelist, Hyattsville, MD.

The study addresses a common question: Is the sex abuse related in any way to homosexual men in the priesthood? It has been reviewed by several scholars, including four social scientists, and will be included in an upcoming book.


For his study, Dr. Sullins employed data from the following sources to compute correlations:


(1) Catholic clergy mainly prey on boys: Whereas two-thirds of victims in U.S. sex abuse of minors are girls, the vast majority of clergy sex abuse victims — over 8 in 10 victims — were boys. As girls became more prevalent as altar servers, abusers of boys “responded to the presence of fewer younger boys primarily by turning to older boys, not to female victims.” Comparable reports in Germany indicate that up to 90% of abuse victims of Catholic clergy have been male, compared to about half of victims in Protestant or non-religious settings in that country.

(2) By comparing the share of homosexual Catholic priests with the incidence and victim gender of minor sex abuse victims by Catholic priests from 1950 to 2001, the study found a strong correlation between sexual abuse of minors and two factors:

(a) A disproportionate number of homosexual clergy:

The study found that the increase in the number of homosexual men in the priesthood is “almost perfectly” correlated with more overall abuse and more boys abused compared to girls. The correlation is 0.98, where a correlation of 1.0 is an absolute positive correlation. That means that the number of child victims increased at almost the same rate as the percentage of homosexual priests — the greater the percentage of homosexual priests, the greater the number of child, mainly male, victims. While the correlation was lower among victims under age 8, it was still strong, at 0.77. Researchers usually consider correlation association above 0.3 or 0.4 to be a strong effect.

However, in Sullins’ words, “Although over 8 in 10 of victims have been boys, the idea that the abuse is related to homosexual men in the priesthood has not been widely accepted by Church leaders.”

It is not the simple presence of homosexual men in the priesthood that is the correlative factor. Sullins said in a press conference on November 2 that “when homosexual men were represented in the priesthood at about the same rate as they were in the population, there was no measurable problem of child sex abuse. It was only when you had a preponderance of homosexual men.

The percentage of homosexual men in the general population is estimated at 2%. Beginning in the 1950s, the percentage of homosexuals in the priesthood increased from 4% to 16% by the 1980s, eight times the percentage in the general population. From 1965 to 1995 an average of at least one in five priests ordained annually were homosexual, a concentration which drove the overall proportion of homosexual men in the priesthood up to 16%, or one in six priests, by the late 1990s. Dr. Sullins said, “When you get up to 16% of priests that are homosexual, and you’ve got eight times the proportion of homosexuals as you do in the general population, it’s as if the priesthood becomes a particularly welcoming and enabling and encouraging population for homosexual activity and behavior.

If the proportion of homosexual priests had remained at the 1950s level, at least 12,000 fewer children, mostly boys, would have suffered abuse.

(b) A homosexual subculture in seminaries:

The presence of homosexual subcultures in seminaries, as reported by priests considering their own seminary life, accounts for about half the incidence of abuse, but not among heterosexual men. Sullins said that homosexual subcultures encourage those who may have been attracted to male victims to act out more than would have been the case otherwise. Seminary candidates have reported about the problems this disproportion creates. Donald Cozzens’ 2000 book, The Changing Face of the Priesthood, has accounts of homosexual students being so prevalent at some seminaries that heterosexual men felt destabilized and disoriented and left.

What all this suggests is that as the number and percentage of homosexual priests and seminarians increased disproportionate to their “natural” incidence in the general population, they become increasingly emboldened to act out pedophile impulses that would otherwise be suppressed or constrained if homosexual priests were fewer.

(3) Clergy sex abuse has declined since the late 1980s, but not because of measures taken by U.S. bishops. While sex abuse by clergy today is “much lower” — by about one third — than 30 years ago, it has not declined “as much as is commonly thought.” Most of the decline since the 1990s is consistent with “a similar general decline in child sex abuse in America since that time,” and is unrelated to the implementation of the U.S. bishops’ 2002 Charter for the Protection of Children and Young Adults.

(4) More alarming still is that after years in decline, Catholic clergy sex abuse is on the rise again. Dr. Sullins said:

“The thing we’ve been told about the sex abuse is that it is somehow very rare and declined to almost nothing today is really not true. I found that clergy sex abuse did drop to almost nothing after 2002, but then it started to creep up. It’s been increasing. And there are signs that the bishops or the dioceses have gotten complacent about that. It’s not at the great heights that it was in the mid-1970s, but it’s rising. And it’s headed in that direction.”


Under Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican issued a document which says: “the Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question, cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called ‘gay culture’.”

But Dr. Sullins eschews recommending the removal of all homosexuals from the priesthood because he maintains the abuse is not necessarily related to someone’s sexual orientation, citing his knowledge of men with same-sex attraction who are “strong, faithful persons.” What he recommends is a decrease in the number of homosexual priests to reflect their incidence in the general population. This would mean priests are selected for “holiness and commitment to Christ and the things that we would hope would make for a good priest. When you start to get a larger proportion of homosexuals It looks like you are actually selecting for same-sex orientation.”

Sources: Ruth Institute; Catholic News Agency

Peter Rowe reports for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Nov. 18, 2018:

Within the church, some authorities insist the clergy abuse scandal can be traced to a single source: homosexuality.

“The deeper problem,” wrote Janet Smith, a professor of moral theology at Detroit’s Sacred Heart Major Seminary, “lies in homosexual networks within the clergy which must be eradicated.”

These cabals, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote in a letter critical of Pope Francis, “act under the concealment of secrecy and lies with the power of octopus tentacles, and strangle innocent victims and priestly vocations, and are strangling the entire Church.”

A new group, Concerned Catholics of San Diego, makes a similar argument.

“There are a lot of Catholics who are concerned about a homosexual agenda in the church,” said Daniel Piedra, 33, a Concerned Catholics leader. “The group advocates that people who have deep-seated homosexual desires or tendencies should not be allowed to be priests.”

Meanwhile, more than 130 US bishops — or nearly one-third of those still living — have been accused during their careers of failing to adequately respond to sexual misconduct in their dioceses, according to a Boston Globe and Philadelphia Inquirer examination of court records, media reports, and interviews with church officials, victims, and attorneys.

No wonder the clergy sex abuse of minors is on the rise again.

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40 responses to “Report: Priest pedophilia is on the rise again, linked to homosexuality

  1. I wonder why we don’t hear much about child abuse from clergy in other religions. It’s always about Catholic priests. Doesn’t this kind of thing go on in other churches?
    (Just asking a question here. Not implying anything one way or the other)

    • From my post: “Comparable reports in Germany indicate that up to 90% of abuse victims of Catholic clergy have been male, compared to about half of victims in Protestant or non-religious settings in that country.”

      • Dr. Eowyn, this video contains the full text of the “Homosexual Manifesto” written in 1987 and entered into the Congressional Record. It
        VIDEO: Homosexual Manifesto threatens America’s posterity
        “MIchael Swift: ‘Gay Revolutionary’ from Gay Community News Feb 15-21, 1987 (reprinted from the Congressional Record with preface restore)”

        1st & 2nd paragraphs: “We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity of your shallow dreams and your vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all male clubs, in your House of Congress, whenever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions & do our biddings. They will be recast into our image.

        You will be shocked and frightened when you find that your presidents and their sons, your industrialists, your senators, your mayors, your generals, your athletes, your film stars, your television personalities, your civic leaders, your priests are not the safe, familiar…heterosexual figures you assume them to be.”

    • Any time you have a religion that worships a female, homosexuality is the natural outgrowth. Hail Mary comes to mind.

      • And how exactly do you know this? Do you just make stuff up?

        Only you, Jay, are so linguistically defective that you can’t distinguish between the veneration (df: to regard with respect or heartfelt deference) Catholics have for Mary, the mother of Jesus the Christ, from “worship”. Some day you will have to answer to Jesus why you hold his mother in such disrespect and contempt.

    • I understand that the Orthodox Jewish community in NYC has been dealing with this problem for a long time. Also, pedophilia is a problem in
      the fundamentalist Morman commumity.

  2. 1 Timothy 4
    Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, 2 through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared, 3 __who forbid marriage__ and require abstinence from foods that God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.

  3. I wonder why a seminary’s homosexual candidates for priesthood who are successful and become ordained, do not keep in touch with one another and keep their sexual practices to themselves, as they already know one another from their Seminary. Especially if the percentage had risen as high as 16, it seems to me that in most urban situations they could stay in contact with each other fairly easily.

    I think that if the attraction is always for an older male to a younger one, and we see the SAME relationship amongst heterosexual males as well, that is different than two homosexuals much closer in age. Perhaps that’s why the word paedophilia is used to distinguish between the two. Formerly I put them in the same class, but I now think that was a mistake on my part.

  4. What a horrible state of affairs!

    • It really makes one wonder about our contemporary RC Church; has it not learned anything from the last 25 years of exposure of perps and the revelations from their victims?

      And yet, at nearly 76, I wonder how it was that in my youth –raised exclusively in an immigrant Roman Catholic community– I never heard one instance from any of my male friends about abuse, even if they were Altar boys? Surely it was going on, if we believe the victims who’ve come forward.

  5. luxmore p jameson

    When the priesthood is opened up to married, straight men this problem will diminish.

    • No. it won’t solve the problem. Back in the early days of the church, priests were allowed to be married with children. But then the Vatican figured out that priests were leaving all of their wealth to their families when they died instead of leaving their wealth to the church. That’s when the church started forbidding priests to marry and have heirs to their money and property.

  6. If a grown man — priest or not — molests little boys…can’t we take for granted that it’s linked to homosexuality!? I mean…if they weren’t gay wouldn’t they molest little girls? This just seems like another DUH moment.

  7. Right now the Diocese of Buffalo NY is being called out on TV. There is a big meeting at the Infant of Prague Parish among a whole big bunch of priests. The 8 Dioceses in Pennsylvania and Buffalo are under the same investigation from what I have been reading…. Now they are talking about Buffalo Diocese going bankrupt…. My wife and her family are very devout Catholics but I have no use for most Priests and have no problem telling them so…

    • you have no use for most priests? how about the fact that most priest’s are good holy men…
      300 of 15,000 men served in penna… you wont see a grand jury report on them, just the bad ones.
      I’d never lump people, as bad as you, into a group….

      • I am equal opportunity… Preachers as well as Priests…. Imams too for that matter…. Rabbis…. I have been screwed over by religious people much more than by non religious…. Every one of them is “different”… Until they are the same…

          • Dr Eowyn, Thank you! It cuts across all faiths… I have members of the clergy in my family and I laughed when 3 of them got jammed up… They are cousins… One set is a father and son while the other is in the same direct family as a nephew-cousin…. All were considered good leaders of their flocks. One had a big funding drive to build a new church and took off with the money…. Close to $100K…. One got a 15 year old pregnant…. The last is under indictment now for forcibly touching a 9 year old…. I don’t know the sex of the child…. The theft was discovered when the thief left town as was the pregnancy of the 15 year old…. Those 2 incidents happened over 40 years ago. No wonder they didn’t like the song “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”

  8. Excellent article. This agrees scientifically with what I’ve remarked upon anecdotally many times here. There is a real problem in the Catholic Church. There are real problems elsewhere as well. But, to confine this to Catholics for now, it is obvious that something must be done.

    It is not helpful that many claim that the current pontiff is a practitioner and proponent of homosexual, perhaps even pedophile behavior. There is much anecdotal evidence to support this.

    I previously linked to some articles that seek to explain how this works in practical terms that were written by Catholic clergy. I have absolutely no difficulty believing what they say. It also accounts for the rise in homosexual clergy as noted in the article.

    These seminaries become “infected”. Over time, seminarians are deliberately recruited from among the queer population. Those who may not be are pressured. Priestly formation is an intense process. They are constantly scrutinized and encouraged to self-analyze themselves.

    While it is true that simply being homosexual is not considered a sin, the practice of it is. I think that this line of reasoning has been overused in the past to justify deliberately policing themselves. From what I read it seems apparent that this hidden association within the Church has reached the pinnacle of power in the Church.

    This current Pope seems to be struggling to find ways to justify the practice of homosexuality rather than finding ways to uproot it from priestly life. To me the “cure” must be twofold. Existing clerics must be scrutinized, examined and made to renew an oath of chastity, etc., and the heads of seminaries must incur increased scrutiny.

    Unless the seminaries scrutinize those presenting with vocations and eliminate those found unable or unwilling to adhere to Church law, this will never be corrected. The atmosphere must be changed to one that discourages such activity.

    • ” Existing clerics must be scrutinized, examined and made to renew an oath of chastity, etc., and the heads of seminaries must incur increased scrutiny.

      Unless the seminaries scrutinize those presenting with vocations and eliminate those found unable or unwilling to adhere to Church law, this will never be corrected. The atmosphere must be changed to one that discourages such activity.”

      How can this possibly happen when the fox is guarding the hen house? I’m sure you have read books like ” Good- Bye Good Men” where it claims that anyone heterosexual is hounded and ostracized, and harassed the minute they enter the seminary. The few old moral priests are so few and far between, and they hold no power as the Vatican has become nothing but Satan’s cesspit. I don’t doubt for one minute that monster Pope has probably sacrificed children let alone molested them. To me the only way this is going to turn around is if the real Church i.e., the people, walk out en masse, refuse to tithe, and demand to have a say in the process of who is allowed to be or become a priest through a joint process with the hierarchy. To continue is to submit like sheep to wolves.

      • The clergy are NOT the Church. I will not abandon my Church because of the sins of the clergy. I said that the clergy must be scrutinized and appropriate actions taken. They are who control the seminaries.

        The Church survives bad Popes and clergy. This is by no means the first time in 2,000 years that things like this have happened. Leaving is doing exactly what the Church’s enemies would want.

        There are many who are raising hell over this. The Church is having more difficulty with fund drives and such because the laity want assurances that the money won’t pay for indiscretions of the clergy.

        This homo thing is like a big “club”. It is the nature of the beast. Frankly, I don’t see much happening unless they get another Pope. Ratzinger was not one to put up with this. Notice that he’s gone.

        The long and the short of it is that they “recognize” them. They recognize each other. I’m Catholic and I’ll die Catholic. In fairness, I know of no other denomination that is free of homosexuals. Certainly the Catholic Church gets more attention primarily because it has always been the main target of those who would destroy Christianity.

        The Reformation is a classic example of this. The proper response is not to divide the house. I don’t know how this will ultimately turn out but I am sure that the Church will survive. I think that as bad as this is, the attack on orthodoxy in general may be worse.

        So, while I certainly want them to stop diddling little kids, I think it would be worse to have them try and “sanctify” that somehow. No one will stand for that but I wouldn’t put it past some of them to try. It all comes down to the bishops. No one but the bishops can fix this.

        • I didn’t say for anyone to abandon their church at all. I meant there should be a type of walkout to show the hierarchy that the real Church, the people (which I stated above), are in solidarity on this issue, and will not tithe and continue sitting idly by until something is done.

          • ” No one but the bishops can fix this.”
            And again I say how will that happen when the bishops are homos and homo protectors too? Again a walkout – a protest of sorts, NOT AN ABANDONMENT of the church directed at the bishops might at least bring some pressure to bear.
            All of Christ’s Church is under attack right now for sure. The Zionist Christians may not be feeling it quite as much at the moment, but if things continue they will not be excluded once they have served their purpose.

  9. I’ve said for a long time that this problem has been deliberately misrepresented as a pedophile problem when in fact it is a homosexual problem. The media and related authorities will not call a spade a spade, and take the chance of undoing what they have accomplished in elevating homos as victims, paragons, saints, and just plain everyday wholesome folk. In general these are sick individuals who have no place in the Church practicing or not because as it has been shown, far too many suffer from other imbalances, and mental disorders like narcissism. You don’t let a group who has a track record like that have access to other people vulnerabilities and souls. I’m sorry for the few that may otherwise be fine individuals, but without discrimination a multitude of lives will continue to be shattered. I’ve lived this, and can attest that though a life can be healed it will never, ever be the same. I have no tolerance for protecting deviants

  10. Two things seem to me to stand out. First, Bella Dodd admitted in her memoir, “School of Darkness” that it was her job as a member of the Communist Party to recruit subversive men to the priesthood, to recommend them. This, along with the efforts of others, opened the door to the problem. This pre-dates the Second Vatican Council.
    The second factor seems to have been the Second Vatican Council itself, or, more precisely, the Pope who prolonged it and enacted sweeping changes in who would be admitted to the priesthood, Paul VI. It was this tidal wave of radical change that opened the floodgates to every lunatic fringe group imaginable.
    And it’s not merely gay men becoming priests; The seminaries themselves—enough of them, anyway—have become moral cesspools. To make matters even worse, homosexual men have monopolized the positions of bishops and cardinals. Joseph Cardinal Bernardine poured as much gasoline on the conflagration as he could.
    There is more than enough blame to go around, even where homosexual men were not present, or did any direct damage: Recall Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, who basically sold off Notre Dame to be laicized.

    We have Our Lord’s word that the Gates of Hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL against Holy Mother Church. But the Church has had its “Obama’s”, before, during and after—long before Obama himself came along. These are the kinds of smirking subverters we’ve had to endure for over 50 years now. (And if you think Frankenpope is bad, JUST WAIT until Cardinal Parolin becomes “Pope.” Mark my words.)

  11. I’ve posted this link before, but it fits perfectly here:

  12. No wonder they want to adopt children.

  13. Mel Gibson was right all along.

  14. As I get ready for work, I have to ask, what happened to that old adage, the men is men and the women is women! I don’t know about Parolin becoming Pope myself, even though he is a great mover and shaker, would make an excellent singer song writer too. Maybe that’s the problem with the church at the moment, with dropping numbers, they just don’t have enough to do with their time.

  15. Someone who has a scholarly knowledge of classical Latin wrote in her blog a few years ago that Amoris Laetitia actually means “The Joy of Sodomy.” // Maurizio Blondet’s Italian-language blog detailed a few days ago an extent of entrenched homosexual goings-on among Vatican clergy that made even the major scandals that keep coming to light among the Church in the U.S. seem like the mere exudate of a moribund maggot-infested wound. Not at all what Jesus had in mind in teaching his followers how to be closer to the Most High and do the will of his Father.

    • “Someone who has a scholarly knowledge of classical Latin wrote in her blog a few years ago that Amoris Laetitia actually means “The Joy of Sodomy.””

      While I believe, with good reason, that the unspoken and covert purpose of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation (not an encyclical) Amoris Laetitia is to pave the way for the legitimation of homosexuality by subtly undermining the Church’s longstanding dictum forbidding divorced Catholics (who had been married in the Church) from receiving the Eucharist, a simple consultation of the Latin-English dictionary would tell you that “Amoris Laetitia” does NOT mean “Joy of Sodomy”. The Latin for sodomy is sodomiticum. In English, the Latin words amoris and laetitia mean, respectively, love and joy. Thus, amoris laetitia means the joy of love, which, admittedly, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in the context of what the exhortation is about.

  16. THANKYOU Dr. My Latin isn’t as sharp as it once was, I was confused beyond measure over this Amoris quote. I shall return my copy of Ruepoles Latin to the shelf!

  17. Dr. E. Michael Jones – “The problem is homosexuality.”
    But it’s a problem for the mainstream media because homosexuality is not a sin and has become ‘virtuous behavior’. And therefore, this MUST be cast as a ‘pedophile’ problem. But it’s mainly post pubescent AND grown men that have been abused by predatory pederasts. This is a great interview.

    • Yes, I tried to make that point, above. The fundamentals are simple. The “application” is not.

      First, we are all sinners. As St. Augustine said: “The Church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints”.

      Simply being homosexual is not a sin. PRACTICING homosexuality IS a sin. That said, being “sinful” does not automatically create a situation where abandonment occurs. It should, and does, require correction.

      It seems apparent that there are many homosexuals in the Church who choose to approach this as if some “enlightenment” has occurred that now makes this behavior acceptable. None has and it is not.

      Ancillary to this, it is well known that many homosexuals are active pedophiles. While not ALL homosexuals are pedophiles, certain many are. This presents another challenge in a male-dominated, isolated culture that often includes frequent exposure to children.

      So, what I might see as a “problem”, a homosexual might see as an “opportunity”. This means that, at a minimum, discernment in priestly formation is absolutely required. Alas, I fear it has been applied with the opposite goal of what is needed.

      Lastly, while it is interesting and perhaps necessary to understand what makes a homosexual or pederast, it is not necessary to arrest the problem. The behavior is unacceptable, always. Once the behavior is arrested, the treatment (whatever that may be), can be addressed after that person is completely removed from any situation in the Church whereby they could act on their perversion.

  18. Most “Christian” priests are freemasons. Most big money denominationl churches, especially with “sister city churches” work with international adoption agencies run by the UN/EU aka (international jewry). Also, the title “father” given to priests is very old “daddy issues” psychology to gain the trust of the children, many of whom are orphans and will be drugged and abused “programmed” for their new freemasonic owners. This is the path for creating MK killers as well. It’s worldwide. If you or your family is involved with judaism, freemasonry, scientology, wicca, thelema, all that garbabe, get out. Jesus never said to build a bunch of churches or create divisive denominations. God doesn’t need money.


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