Report: NFL wants to use breast cancer, military funds to quiet protesting players

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NFL blowback
Yeah, that move will definitely enhance the NFL’s image and reputation.
From MSN: 49ers safety Eric Reid claims the NFL’s proposed initiative to contribute $89 million to social justice causes is shifting money away from breast cancer and military support programs, according to
The NFL on Friday issued a memo to teams disputing that claim.
Earlier this week, reports surfaced that the NFL had proposed the massive funding initiative after meetings with the Players Coalition, a group of players meeting with league officials on social justice issues. Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins and retired wide receiver Anquan Boldin founded that group and have led talks with the league.
But Reid and some other players walked away from the coalition this week over disagreement about how that initiative would be funded.
“In the discussion that we had, Malcolm conveyed to us — based on discussions that he had with the NFL — that the money would come from funds that are already allocated to breast cancer awareness and Salute to Service,” Reid told Thursday. “So it would really be no skin off the owners’ backs: They would just move the money from those programs to this one.”
Other players who have left the Players Coalition over the issue include Dolphins safety Michael Thomas and Chargers offensive lineman Russell Okung.
Accordng to ESPN, the NFL submitted its proposal to players Monday. Owners will still have to vote on the proposal at the league meetings in March. The funds would come from both owner and player contributions, as well as select events such as memorabilia auctions.
But Reid claims he’s been told the NFL intends to use money already earmarked for the breast cancer awareness and military salute programs, making it easier for owners to sign off on the deal.
“[NFL Commissioner] Roger Goodell is trying to make this as easy for the owners to agree to as possible so that — again, their goal is to end the protests,” Reid said. “He’s trying to make it as easy possible to do that for the owners. He’s going to present them with a proposal saying, ‘Look you really don’t have to do anything. We’re just going to shift this money from this area and just move it here.'”
NFL Chief Operating Officer Tod Leiweke disputes that account of how the program will be funded. In a memo sent Friday to club ownership, community relations directors and player engagement directors, Leiweke wrote, “This new program will supplement, and not replace, our other key social responsibility efforts, including Salute to Service, cancer awareness, domestic violence/sexual assault and youth programs.”
Reid contends that while reports have suggested that 40 or more NFL players have been involved in the Players Coalition talks, the true figure is less than half that number, and that Jenkins is the only one of those players who has participated in national anthem protests.
While there is no informal agreement that players would stop protesting as part of the $89 million proposal, Jenkins announced Thursday he would no longer protest during the anthem.
“Based on my understanding, every player who was actually protesting [aside from Jenkins] was not in agreement [with] this proposal,” Reid said, via Slate. “That leaves a remaining, I guess, nine or so players who don’t protest who were in agreement with the proposal.”

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0 responses to “Report: NFL wants to use breast cancer, military funds to quiet protesting players

  1. 11 grandkids.
    It’s pizza night.
    No Papa John’s for us.
    Screw you NFL.
    And a special shout out to The Jacksonville Jaguars who SUCK

  2. While we were sleeping, the NFL morphed into a full-blown communist organization.

  3. Keep the players in the locker room until the national anthem is played and our flag flown both respected by those supporting the NFL: the fan base.

    • Mark, yes, keep the players in the locker room while the anthem is playing, hand a flag to each and every person, ALL attending the game, then as the players come in to play wave the flags and boo them in unison, and exit the stadium. That’s a good way to boycott the game.

    • Kevin J Lankford

      Why not just send em all home to ‘twiddle their thumbs’, and leave sports to high school athletes and amateurs.
      Only time I ever went to a ball game was when I was in school, just to talk to the girls, or, much later, to watch my own son play high school football. Why in the world do so many allow a bunch of ‘jocks’ to hold such sway in their lives?

  4. Let me see if I am understanding this correctly . . . they want to take away monies that now in part at least go to helping indigent black women get breast screenings, and although the NFL players have gone on record as saying they do not “did” our military personnel, yet they would have the funds that currently go to helping those very same ex-military people taken away and spend on something else!!! Perhaps, they feel a better expenditure of the monies would be to throw money at the young felons from the hood?
    As far as I am concerned, it would seem that the only moral solution to this is for EVERY God Fearing American Family to boycott the NFL. Do not watch their games, do not allow even a nickel to flow into their coffers. Starve the beast! As Dr Eowyn has said, this has devolved into a Communist organization, which will not prove to be beneficial to this nation.
    DCG . . . . Great article! Thank you.

    • Liberal logic never makes sense…

    • Right, and laugh at the beast, too. What utter crap–the most morally despicable, unsportsmanlike athletes in history running around in Spandex, who couldn’t find their way across the field without orders from fat boys on the sidelines.
      How many people would pay big money to go to the movies if the movie was 13 minutes long but was mixed into 3 hours and 15 minutes of ads for toxic junk food, with military-Marxist martinets in uniform pitching for more mass murder in other parts of the world?
      Once a man breaks from watching that bulls**t for a few weeks, it seems incomprehensible he ever wasted his best leisure hours watching such crap while listening to that jackass commentary. And what today could be LESS patriotic than supporting the NFL?

      • Dan . . . . You have nailed it! Bravo for asking the question . . . “And what today could be LESS patriotic than supporting the NFL?” I certainly am not able to come up with anything that is less patriotic.

    • I plead insanity . . . Where I wrote “did” it should be “did” as in disrespect. I wish I could blame that on my computer, but I think in this instance, I just had a “senior moment.”

      • Now I really do suspect that it is my laptop that is screwing up. When I wrote the above, I made sure when I wrote it should be . . . . “dis” as in disrespect, the second time round. As of this afternoon my PC has had bouts of “growling at me.” I suppose with my luck since this laptop was purchased 12/23/15, and is appreciably two years old . . . . perhaps it has reached the end of its life? Now that’s a dismal thought, as I was not budgeting for a new laptop any time soon.

  5. traditionally,when an employee starts making unreasonable demands or starts violating the rules he’s bound to ,by his employment,the Boss can rectify his behavior by threatening to fire him;if he doesn’t tow the line firing is imminent. But that’s okay-McDonald’s is always hiring,and there’s ALWAYS a line of able people waiting to take the place of anyone who gets booted out.

  6. A good company listens to its employees and everyone makes money….

    • Kevin J Lankford

      Seems you are always here merely to champion the derelict of character, and criticize the the more constructive and well intended of comments.

  7. No wonder libatards want to ban guns. They keep shooting themselves in the foot.

  8. RUSH: IT’S OVER! NFL Is Never Gonna Be What It Was
    Published on Sep 21, 2017


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