Replacing Hate with Love

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In the spirit of the season, I removed the controversial post entitled “Why They Hate Us”  to replace it with something more in keeping with the season. 
In this case, I found a wonderful song and had to find images to do justice to the subject.  When you watch the video, remember the composer, Jed Santa Maria, is singing.  I believe the words to his song are truly inspired. 
The artwork by James Tissot (1836-1902) is from a 124 piece watercolor series he did on “The Life of Christ.”  More of his work can be found at the Brooklyn Museum website that held an exhibition of his work in 2009. 
Watch full screen.

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4 responses to “Replacing Hate with Love

  1. Beautiful, Grannie! Thank you 😀

  2. Eowyn, I’m so glad you like it.
    That picture of the Virgin Mary on her knees over the child she’d just given birth to made my tears well up, and in editing I watched it over and over. She’d just given birth to her Creator! Imagine the emotions cascading through her as she looked on this baby! I thought the artist really captured that and it fit perfectly with the song. In the next image the lyrics are “a mother kisses her God, the perfect lamb, the great I AM, the only one who will conquer death and save all of man.” Wow!

  3. That was so nice LTG, I really enjoyed everything about it…I’m feeling the love 🙂

  4. Loved it, so moving and touching. Christ is born!


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