Rep. Joe Kennedy III, hypocrite

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Rep. Joseph “Joe” Patrick Kennedy III (D-Massachusetts), 37, is the son of former Rep. Joseph Kennedy II and grandson of Bobby Kennedy, brother of former President John Kennedy.
An heir to his great-grandfather Joseph Kennedy’s fortune, Joe #3  holds substantial investments in trusts and is estimated to be worth between $20 million and $60 million.
On January 30, 2018, a drooling Joe #3 gave the Democrat Party’s response to President Trump’s State of the Union address.

A practicing Catholic with a sweet tooth, in 2017 Joe #3 gave up sugary snacks for Lent. But he and his wife, health policy lawyer Lauren Birchfield, are stridently pro-abort, never mind the fact that the Catholic Church calls abortion an intrinsic — i.e., non-negotiable — evil.
Below is a pic of the couple at a pro-abort rally, garbed in pussy-pink T-shirts that say: “I stand with Planned Parenthood” — the same Planned Parenthood abortion mills that harvest and sell aborted babies’ body parts and organs, including the brain of a baby whose heart was still beating when his brain was “harvested”.

By the way, there are claims on the net that Joe Kennedy III lives in a mansion surrounded by a wall (see below) — evidence of his hypocrisy when he grandly proclaimed in his Democrat Party response: “Build a wall and my generation will tear it down.”

However, Snopes says:

  1. The house is not Joe’s but was purchased in 1933 by great grandfather Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., which was sold by the Kennedy family in 1995.
  2. The house is located in Palm Beach, just a few feet from the ocean. The wall is a seawall designed to keep the ocean from damaging the property.

Joe Kennedy III is pro-gun control, pro-gay marriage, pro-illegal migrants, and calls the Republican health care reform “an act of malice,” while supporting Planned Parenthood’s acts of true malice and evil — the abortion killing of little, innocent, defenseless human beings and harvesting their organs.
holocaust vs. abortion
H/t Big Lug

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0 responses to “Rep. Joe Kennedy III, hypocrite

  1. Well, heck, maybe “our generation” should tear down his wall?

  2. Did you expect more from a Kennedy?

  3. Listening to this guy was like listening to an empty droid. Aside from their ill gotten fortune, the Kennedy’s are running on fumes.
    This is just the vacation compound…

    • Yeah, that’s the thing with Harvard. Those schools exist solely to prolong the aristocracy. Just like with Britain, by now they have these inbred throwbacks with more dollars than sense.
      Joe (the First), was not a nice man. He got his money the old fashioned way, from the Mob. Of course “The Mob” is not what you may think. This one is quite a bit East of Sicily.
      That’s like the bio for Nancy Pelosi’s father. I’ll attach it below. He too is accused of being in The Mob, but his “mob” was “Murder Incorporated” and there was a lot more Yiddish spoken there than Italian, if you know what I mean.
      Several years ago I ran into John Jr. at a store in my town. He and his entourage had tied up their yacht in our harbor and they walked up the hill to get snacks. The cashier chewed him out for not putting the number from the bin he got his nuts from on the tag. He was very polite and nice and left without her ever knowing who she had just lambasted. I’m sure he hasn’t been inside a store in a while unless the butler was off that day.

  4. I would say, at best, he’s an ex-Catholic. I don’t care how much money he has. How is his bishop not excommunicating him? By his doing this he is giving the false impression that The Church supports what he does.
    He is openly living in sin just as surely as if he were shacked up with Sarah Silverman.

  5. Frankly, I have no use for any of the Kennedy clan. I truly believe that rather than working to help the “poor and downtrodden,” they wish to have all those votes to keep them in office. As we can see in this man who espouses to be a Catholic, but he is all in there to kill the unborn. He is another individual who was taught from the time he was knee high that he was “special,” from “a very special family who are heirs to rightfully govern this country and all the peons therein. The peons include you and I and our families. You see they don’t want us to be adding to the population, since we would utilize resources that should rightly belong to him and his family.
    I find it beyond evil when anyone actively support the killing of unborn children. I am wondering why the powers that be within the Catholic church don’t pronounce him “excommunicated.” After all, with all the pictures, and sound bites where he expounds his belief in and support of killing babies, certainly there is no lack of evidence that supports the fact that he is all in for Pro-Abort. Somehow, there has been a disconnect in what he has been taught. It certainly does turn one’s stomach.

  6. The Catholic Church was subverted by its most malicious enemies with the election of Angelo Roncalli aka ‘John 23rd’ after the suspicious death of the last true known Pope, Pius 12th, in 1958. Every ‘pope’ since then has been of this ilk.
    Most Catholics have no idea the destructive forces that were set loose by John 23rd with the heretical Vatican 2 Council. Talmudic-Masonic infiltrators led by the modernist ‘theologian’ Ratzinger hijacked the schema framework and infused the final documents with every kind of heresy and error that had previously been formally condemned by true & Holy Popes.
    Although Vatican 2 wouldn’t dare come out and condone abortion, it fomented a spirit of compromise and confusion that has been a steadily worsening scourge on Catholics and the world at large.
    This toxic atmosphere has resulted in generations of ‘Catholics’ in name only like this unfortunate Kennedy who see no problem embracing every kind of liberal evil that contradicts Catholic teaching, often with the tacit silent approval – if not outright encouragement – of their ‘Pastors’ and even senior hierarchy.
    The Catholic Church has traditionally taught that the willful murder of the innocent is one of the sins crying to heaven for vengeance (another is s0d0my).
    Even these sins, however, can be forgiven with sincere repentance, confession & absolution.
    However, how can there be forgiveness when those who profess to be Christian actually hold – and teach – that such evil is actually good? This ‘evil is good’ disorientation may, in fact, constitute the Sin against the Holy Ghost for which Jesus Christ Himself said there is no forgiveness.
    Mercifully, the Vatican 2 Council was/is NOT BINDING on the faithful. Unlike the Council of Trent or Vatican 1 which had the authority&weight to define dogma, Vatican 2 was ‘Pastoral’ in nature i.e. with no formal authority except to ‘provide guidance’.
    Therefore, Catholics who hold fast to the True Faith and Traditional practices are under no pain of lawful censure or excommunication, no matter what the enemy imposters in the hierarchy may pronounce otherwise.
    True faithful Catholics must pray the Rosary daily and do penance to hasten the Triumph of The Immaculate Heart that will expunge the Enemy’s minions from the Church and extinguish all confusion as Our Lady of Fatima prophesied.

  7. Evil people. Enthusiastic support for the murder of the unborn will earn them a reward they look at in horror.

  8. Um, yes, Snopes is disinformation.
    What is laughable is the link to your name, C.R. Starheart, comes up as “This Page Can’t Be Displayed.”

  9. Any one who promotes the killing of babies has carved their name in stone in the middle of HELL.

  10. As how old man Joe Kenndy did to acquire the fortune the entire family now enjoy. DIRTY MONEY, CORRUPTION has been around for a long time. “HEY JOE KENNEDY III, CHANGE YOUR SHITTY PAMPER, GROW UP AND THEN TRY, TRY, TRY.

  11. My wife was raised catholic and what a number they did on her. And the Kennedys. She thinks they are wonderful. Never mind that Jack, Bobby and Ted were all philanderers. And ted a murderer. Their father was a bootlegger. They had their sister lobotomized. Even the kennedy relatives have been investigated and/or convicted for murder and rape. The whole lot of them were never any good.

  12. Personal— when I sent my eldest son off to a full-ride scholarship to a prominant Boston University….the first and LAST advice I gave to him was: NEVER EVER EVER talk to/hook up with/associate with/date/ otherwise communicate with a KENNEDY or anyone in their family constellation associated with them for the last 50 years……..just on chance that their paths should cross. Always question the geneology of ANY “local” that you might date……RUN THE OTHER WAY!
    Both my husband and I firmly believe, for instance, that Barack Hussein Obama would NEVER EVER have become POTUS if Teddy Kennedy—in his waning years of power, seeking to find a symbol of his past power, a youngster who could help keep him in the public eye—-had not brought the “nothing–but symbolic Black ” Barack Hussein Obama to the podium at the Democratic Convention for that symbolic ( and total Obama lie) about “there is not a red America or a blue America…..” ad nauseum…….This was Barack Hussein Obama’s first intro to the national media…..& gave him his inroad to advance his book “Dreams of My Father,” which no one read, but which those who bought thought was an inspirational, wonderful, fuzzy family book ( I KNOW, b/c I quoted specific passages to an Obama-supporter in my family and they ATTACKED me verbally for “slandering” the POTUS…until I sent them the exact citation…page, line, etc…from Obama’s book)…..when IN REALITY it was a strike against COLONIALIZATION…of which Barack Hussein Obama and his late African citizen father held the same belief—the USA was COLONIZED by Europeans and THUS—-were EVIL. And, the EVIL needed to be redressed through the American governance (from within, ideally) and through the income-sharing/income-leveling of the Obama years….the “open border” policies…etc etc….the ills that we will live with and try to deal with for the next decades…….


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