Reminder of what can happen: Female blogger ordered to pay US Army colonel she accused of rape $8.4 million in damages

This story is from August 2017 yet it is relevant to what happened to Justice Kavanaugh during his confirmation circus.

One woman (and the media) cannot play “judge and jury.”

From Daily Mail: A jury has ordered a female blogger to pay an Army colonel she accused of rape a total of $8.4million in damages.

Susan Shannon, 52, who now lives in Everett, Washington, first alleged that she was sexually assaulted by Army Colonel David ‘Wil’ Riggins in 1986, while they were both cadets, on her blog in 2013. (Susan claims people lied at her trial and that the judge and jurors “denied” her. See her Twitter account – last used in 2017 – here.)

She said she waited three decades to come forward about her experience because of the army’s ‘code of silence’. But Riggins, also 52, who vehemently denied the claims, said the ‘false’ allegations had cost him a sparkling military career.

The combat veteran from Alexandria had been on the cusp of being appointed to general in 2013, when Army leaders saw Shannon’s rape allegation on her blog.

His promotion was snatched away and Riggins says his name was dragged through the mud after ‘Susan Shannon decided to play judge and jury on her own.’

The decorated colonel denied all claims, telling ABC 7 On Your Side at the time: ‘I did not rape Susan Shannon. I did not sexually assault Susan Shannon. Every aspect of (her) story is verifiably false.

The jury has now ordered Shannon to pay $3.4 million in compensatory damages for injury to his reputation and lost wages, and $5 million in punitive damages, ‘to make sure nothing like this will ever happen again,’ according to the Washington Post.

Shannon said at the time she had finally been inspired to speak about her alleged experience after reading about several high profile convictions for sexual assaults in the military.

Shannon alleged she was raped by her former cadet classmate at the United States Military Academy in New York in 1986. She dropped out shortly afterwards.

Now a jewelry designer and a mother living on the West Coast, she added that the pressure in the army to keep quiet and not turn in her peers meant that she did not even report the alleged rape at her exit interview.

She made the claims on her blog Short Little Rebel in 2013 – which followed the announcement that Colonel Riggins had been nominated for general.

Shannon denied having any knowledge of his nomination until she was contacted by Army officials investigating her blog post. 

Stars and Stripes has an extensive write-up of this story here.


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Dr. Eowyn


That’s why Justice Brett Kavanaugh should sue Christine Blasey Ford and the two other false accusers.

Jim Campbell

Isn’t it amazing the number of names we no longer are spoken or thought about since Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed. Interesting story, I tend not to believe stuff that is this old. Thanks for the great post, DCG.


I say good as well! Now those little brats who falsely accused that teenage boy of rape need to be prosecuted as well. If not I hope his family sues the living daylights out of them and their families.


It is so cruel to ruin someone’s life. No matter how much money she has to pay for the harm done they’ll both carry a burden for the rest of their lives.


She had the hots for him. The young man snubbed her advances. She never got over it.
She’s mentally ill to have done this. She deserves all she got, and so does the man she accused.

I’ll be watching the Ford debacle, with Kavanaugh being an attorney and a judge. Now, he’s a Supreme court judge. Poor Ford, literally, she will be poorer than she’s ever been.


Has anyone ever wondered if TV shows that young people watch, like “Mean Girls” has or could have affected why young girls become more devious and hateful, when left unchecked by parents? Parent to child communication is a factor, and it depends on their “friendship” and ability to trust each other with private thoughts. So many factors to be considered…

I don’t watch TV, but I’m sure there’s other shows teens watch & could learn nefarious acts from watching. They’re so impressionable when young.


I have seen this story for sometime now. I was at first saddened for the man and his family, as his was an outstanding career, cut short by this false rape claim. Then I got angry, because I have seen the same thing happen to people I personally know, and I know just the harm that can be caused by a false allegation like this. At first, listening to Dr.Ford, I felt sorry for her, and believed that she had been assaulted by someone, just not Justice Kavanaugh. The longer I watched and investigated, the more convinced I became that… Read more »