Reminder for Liberals: Why the Government Almost Shut Down

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Inasmuch as those on the left are hyperventilating over the possibility that the federal government might “shut down” soon, it’s become obvious that they have the attention span of a five year old.

Fiscal budgets aren’t supposed to come due in February. The normal process is that lawmakers debut a budget proposal in the spring and Congress approves something in the summe for the real start of the fiscal year – in October.
Except that in 2010 it didn’t happen. Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives refused to pass a budget last summer. The excuse was that one of Obama’s sundry advisory panels would release a deficit report in December, and it was “not possible” to pass a budget before that report.
What happened when the panel’s report came in? By that time Pelosi and the Democrats had lost Congress and didn’t care anymore.
Think as hard as you can and remember what was going on in the news all the way back 60 days ago. Those Bush-era tax cuts were approved at the last minute because Congress was trying to do something about a 2010 budget. The eventual agreement was a temporary extension of the status quo.
And here we are in February, the temporary extension is all used up, and Congress is still fighting over what to do.

Nancy Pelosi deserves every word of that gushing resolution in her honor.

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  1. Good point, Candance! I’d forgotten that Pelosi stalled on the whole budget issue. This video was broadcast during Pelosi’s Reign last summer, 2010.


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