Remembering 9/11/2001

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Today is the 9th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. Beloved fellow Tom in NC remembers that day, with some choice words for the supporters of the Ground Zero mosque.


By Tom in NC 

We still live in some dangerous times. Nine years after 9/11 here’s some thoughts for liberals as you clamor for a mosque to be built 600 feet from Ground Zero in the place of a building that was struck by the landing gear of one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center:
Islam IS NOT a religion of peace, it IS NOT a religion of tolerance, it IS NOT a religion based in love, it IS in fact a religion of subjugation. Islam enslaves its worshippers with threats of torture, mutilation and death. What you fail to understand as liberals with your touchy feely outlook of the world is that most Muslims in the world hate us, not for anything we have done but for who we are: A free people free to come and go as we please, to practice the religion of OUR choice, and who respect men and women as equal. Our spiritual leaders (99.9% of them) don’t preach hate or violence against non-believers. We do however try to bring non-believers to Christ because we hope for their salvation. And while we are talking about Jesus, unlike Mohammed, Jesus did not preach hatred and violence against non believers. On the contrary, He taught us to love even our enemies.
Nine years ago next month, Muslim jihadists got on three commercial passenger planes, killed the crews, took control and flew them into the WTC and the Pentagon. They would have flown a third plane into the White House or the Capitol building were it not for brave passengers who fought back and overpowered the hijackers. The plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, killing everyone on board. In the following paragraphs, I attempt to paint a picture of the finals moments of the victims of the attacks and the response and actions of then President George Bush.
Picture yourself as one of the people on the floors above where the two planes hit the WTC Twin Towers. Feel the heat from the fires ignited by the jet fuel. You realize you can’t make it to safety — that you can’t be rescued before you burn to death. You stand on the ledge a hundred floors above the ground below, struggling to get a breath of fresh air. You look down the dizzying height and steel yourself. Rather than burn to death, you choose to jump, knowing that it is certain death. You pray to God that you will black out before hitting the pavement so far below.
Picture yourself as one of the passengers on one of those airliners that struck either the WTC or Pentagon that morning. The flight crew is dead or injured and terrorists have control of the plane. You noticed that you are flying so low that buildings are whizzing by like a picket fence and right before a turn, you see the Twin Towers or the Pentagon dead ahead. In the next few seconds you realize that you are going to collide with a building and be killed instantly and will never see your family again.
Now picture yourself as President of the United States when you are told by an aide of the terrorist attacks. You pray that you would never have to give the order to torture an enemy for information, but everything has changed now. You are conflicted between your morality and your oath to protect and defend the United States of America. You can’t let anymore innocent Americans be murdered in another terrorist attack. Some of the enemy combatants captured in Iraq and Afghanistan are high ranking individuals in Al Qaeda and they have made statements that another attack is coming. You need more info and the only way you will get it is through enhanced interrogation techniques such as waterboarding and sleep deprivation. The information obtained proves valuable and you are able to stop other planned attacks, thereby saving thousands of lives. Part of your calculus is that none of the enemy combatants on whom these techniques were used, died or suffered serious or lasting injury.
As Obama continues to bow to and appease our enemies in every way possible, I wonder what he would do if if he were faced with similar circumstances as Bush was. I have a feeling we will find out soon enough because Obama can do as much sucking up to our enemies as he wants, it won’t stop them from attacking us again. Their hatred of us has nothing to do with who sits in the White House. It has everything to do with their hatred of America and our God, our freedoms and our prosperity. They will continue to hate us no matter what. Their domination over us is what they want and crave and when we show weakness is when we are the most vulnerable.
So thank you Obama. So far, your only accomplishment as President of this great country is to show weakness in the face of our enemies.

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0 responses to “Remembering 9/11/2001

  1. Amen. And anyone who still thinks the conquest mosque is a good idea for “tolerance” can see this too (no falling people seen, but you can hear their impacts):

  2. I never thought I would see the day that so many Americans have almost forgotten about Sept. 11, 2001. As a people, I thought we were better than that! Makes me so very sad.

  3. Dave from Atlanta

    Nice job Tom, I could feel a glimpse of what the 911 victims might have felt as I read your words. The mosque need to be placed elsewhere, and Obama needs to be sent back to Kenya.

  4. [youtube=]
    The French blog Bivouac-ID — comparable to the German Politically Incorrect and one of the most prominent French blogs on Islam and the dangers it entails — has a published a video of King Hassan II of Morocco in which he briefly explains why it is an illusion to think there ever can be a “secular” Islam (sometimes called a “European Islam”). In short, Islam is incompatible with Western secular rule of law. Indeed, Hassan II, King of Morocco from 1961-1999, suggests that a secular Muslim is not a Muslim simply because “a Muslim can not be secular”.
    3 things about Islam that says it all

  5. []
    3 things about Islam that says it all

  6. Good post Tom. We must not forget nor appease this radical Imam. I pray that we are never attacked like that again…

  7. We have not forgotten 9/11. Our church held a memorial service this morning at 8 a.m. and the church was almost full. I lived in NJ then and can remember the horror of watching it unfold on tv. I can remember the horror and fear as families rushed to gather their children from our classrooms. I can remember the anxiety and praying while waiting to hear from relatives and friends who were in the city. I remember walking in NYC about two months later and reading the bulletins of missing persons eclipsed by the ash in all the crevices: the ash from the collapse and the burning bodies. As you remember today get down on your knees and pray for our country. That is our only hope.

  8. Dear Steve
    You are most welcomed to build your church in my country anytime you want. Currently we have many churches of different Christian denominations already that minister to the needs of various guest workers in my country besides temples for non Abrahamic religions.
    The Ministry of Islamic Affairs is the authority that issues the permits for new Churches/Temples .

  9. My brother is a lawyer who was working across the street when this happened. He said no one knew what was going on, they thought a war broke out and everyone was diving under their desks. The one thing that sticks with him to this day is the sight and sound of the people jumping from the towers. He said the sound of a body hitting the ground was deafening and haunts him still. It haunts us all…………

  10. Despite all your ignorance it is us that will save you.
    Not them that consigned you to the fire.

  11. Please tell me – WHO DID 911 ???
    This is a question of the Millenium which we have to answer.
    It will even assist in the climate change and oilspill questions
    that need to be answered.

    • Mohammed Atta and the other eighteen, all working for Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden (I take it they weren’t Bhuddists).

    • Time for some Truth

      You should see the full length documentary about the “Spy of September 11th”. His name is Mohammed ALI,
      Ali Abdelsaoud Mohamed is an Egyptian national, who served in that country’s military for more than a dozen years, including stints with its special forces and intelligence branches. In 1984, he was purged from the army for his increasingly radical Islamic beliefs and associations.[i]
      Around the same time, Mohamed was recruited into Egyptian Islamic Jihad by Ayman Al-Zawahiri. He was initially assigned to surveil the Cairo airport, study its security and suggest strategies for hijacking airplanes from the facility. He impressed Zawahiri, who subsequently assigned him to infiltrate U.S. intelligence.
      After making an allegedly unsuccessful run on the CIA, Mohamed moved to the United States in 1986 and joined the U.S. Army, eventually being posted to the prestigious John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School at Fort Bragg, where America’s elite Green Berets are trained. During his tour of duty, he copied and removed military training manuals and other sensitive documents, which he translated and distributed to terrorists in New York and Afghanistan.
      While still in the Army, Mohamed trained several terrorists who later took part in the World Trade Center bombing and a thwarted plot to bomb other New York City landmarks.[ii]
      After leaving the army in 1989, he worked for al Qaeda at training camps in Afghanistan, while building a terrorist infrastructure back in the U.S. from his home base in California.
      During the early 1990s, Mohamed attempted to infiltrate the FBI on multiple occasions, and served as an occasional informant starting no later than 1993.
      Mohamed also bears the apparent distinction of being the first individual to disclose the existence of al Qaeda to the United States government, in a detailed 1993 conversation with the FBI and in a follow-up debriefing by U.S. intelligence agents. The FBI was not even permitted to know what agency questioned Mohamed.
      Even as he was talking with the FBI, Mohamed helped plan and carry out a series of al Qaeda operations culminating in the 1998 East African embassy bombings, the lethal terrorist attack for which he was finally arrested.
      In 2000, Mohamed struck a deal with federal prosecutors. In exchange for sentencing considerations, he agreed to provide information on al Qaeda to the authorities and pleaded guilty to several counts of conspiracy to murder Americans and attack U.S. targets in relation to the embassy bombings.
      After September 11, Mohamed was locked away in a prison cell at an undisclosed location. His sentencing has been deferred without explanation by the government, and he remains in a state of legal limbo.
      I suggest you read
      Triple Cross: Bin Laden’s Spy in America (2007)
      read this article

  12. Nine years ago today, Islam killed American infidels right here on American soil.
    Nine years later, Islam is still killing American infidels right here on American soil.

    • Grow up brother, it were not the Muslim that did it.
      Muslims ? They ain’t even smart enough to
      have a railway line in all of their middle east and you claim
      they can enact an act that would tax even a governmantal
      agency to do it ? Be honest to yourself and all the answers
      will fall in place.

      • Time for some Truth

        You must be blind not to see the TRUTH
        Mohamed ALI crossed the US Army, the FBI, the CIA and trained Al Quaida members to perpetrate the September 11th attacks. He had failed in 93 with the First world trade center attack.
        It is impossible for you people to admit that you are full of hatred for the INFIDELS and that you come to Europe or the USA only to destroy our systems.

  13. Dear Steve.
    I am awful sorry to you on what happened on that infamous and
    cowardly day especially as it had affected you personally,
    some of us were affected only by what we saw in the news but
    that has left an indelible imprint we can not forget.
    The anti Islamic rants being besides the point the question
    remain “Steve who did 911″ ?
    To most people that I know is that it were perpetrated NOT by
    Muslims and sufficient evidence exist to prove it.
    It is you responsibility to answer this question not me for if
    you are wrong on identifying your enemy then no power on earth
    can save you. The internet is the best place to start.
    Moderate Muslims truly sympathise with you and if you can not
    hear them then you should ask on who controls your news outlets.
    People all over do not want America to go down as that will take
    us all down also. America has become like a beacon for all the world,
    not even China would want her to go under.
    Hence when I say “Despite all your ignorance it is us that will save you”
    I mean we other people who are not Americans but who support her
    by numerous means including high finances. By ignorance I mean why
    tag Muslims as the perpetrators of 911 when the evidence is otherwise ?
    Can an American court entertain a 911 case given the flimsy evidence ?
    “Not them that consigned you to the fire”
    Whoever did it meant to consign you to the fire
    and that is a simple statement. But that fire has consumed and
    will consume more if we do not come back to our senses.
    The mosque issue is a non starter and there should be no mixing of
    issues. I personaly take Rauf as a very irresponsible person to
    even think about it, whether it is a mosque or a training center.
    And all the Muslims that support him. We all know of the bias Muslims
    have against Christians with regards to Churches as is the case of
    the Coptic Christians facing in Egypt given that Egypt is a land that
    prides itself as having been walked over by Jesus in his lifetime let
    alone other places.
    Moderate Muslim know of these double standards as the fact that
    whenever a humanitarian crisis occurs ANYWHERE it is the Christians
    that are the first to arrive to administer and to offer succour and
    aid ALWAYS, not us MUSLIMS. It is as if the Christians have been
    endowed with the shining heart of Charity like their Lord.
    (Was there anywhere written that Charity is better than faith ?).
    So Steve altho I truly sympathise with you with regards to what
    happened on 911 still we must all demand a thorough and transparent
    investigation as to the culprit. It does not help saying it is ‘Islam’
    that did it without offering undisputed evidence. It could easily have
    been the Martians that did it.
    And the only good I can find from this furore is the demand on
    who did it.
    I can not reply to you readily because I do not have a ready internet
    line and I am jobless. Surviving on charity by the Grace of God.

    • Kalif,
      You are obviously a 9/11 Truther. I am not; nor is Steve. Nor can we settle this dispute here. Nor does this have anything to do with the tragedy of the murder of 3,000 people 9 years ago today. Nowhere in today’s posts on the 9th anniversary of this tragedy as ANYONE claimed that ALL Muslims are responsible for 9/11. Today, we are remembering and mourning the lives that were lost.
      Henceforth, all 9/11 Truther comments will be deleted.
      Thank you for your attention,
      ~Eowyn, founder and owner of Fellowship of the Minds

    • Time for some Truth

      First they are NO moderate muslims, we see it everyday never do they condemn the ongoing killings of christians and everybody else.
      You are jobless but you have time to come here and spill your lies about 9/11. I don’t even understand why you dont go to a muslim country, maybe your followmen will help you…but I doubt it

  14. My profound apologies and in all truth I cannot even imagine the kind of grief someone like Steve has gone thru.

    • Steve I sysmpathise with you against that crime of the century on that infamous day.
      I am also with you against the petty discrimations Christians face in Islamic societies and the way they are treated if they happen to be a minority in such societies.
      I am also against the shameless way Muslims in foreign societies demand special rights most of which they do not enjoy even in their home countries, a special case which you often point is the mosque issue ie “I will let them build their mosque in my country when they
      let me build my church in their country”. There can never be a more reasonable argument than this.
      It is very few Islamic societies that accord equal and fundamental rights to other relgions which is a sad but true fact.
      However these problems are social in nature not religious as I see them and there is no way Muslims can act in hypocritical ways about it, the mosque issue is a good place to start to ensure reciprocal amicable attitudes towards each other.
      With regards to 911 it was a criminal outrage and like any crime it required a proper and thorough forensic investigation by competent authorities so as to build a strong supportive evidence in a court of law. This was not done hence the reason for 911
      truthers in your country.
      It does not matter if the two websites you showed debunk the conspiracy theories with regards to the 2 towers but what do they have to say about WTC 7 ?
      This building was ordered to be brought down by its owners on the very same day and it was brought down in very suspicious circumstances.
      A building of its size and location requires months of engineering studies and weeks of placing the charges before it can be brought down. Yet brought down it was and the means and methods of its destruction are not even considered in the scheme of the official investigations.
      Hundreds of glaring contradictions like this particular case have been totally ignored by the official investigation.
      But you must remember that it were 911 that acted as the catalyst for these seemingly endless wars that have been thrust on numerous societies. It is peace that our world requires not wars.
      I guarantee to you that a crime of such epic proportion will neither go un-investigated nor unpunished and on that day we will learn the truth of who actually was behind it.
      But until that day the wealth that could best be served by providing sustenance and alleviating poverty will go to waste as war funds.

  15. Kalif,
    Islamists did do it, as they have been killing untold millions of “infidels” for 14 centuries. After all, they are only doing what the Qur’an commands.
    I’m not the one that needs to grow up. Islam does.
    And it probably better do it before the next massive attack on my country prompts a CIC with actual balls to, before the smoke even clears from the attack, up and nuke Medina all the way to the face of Mars, and then tells the world’s Muslims that if there is so much as one more terrorist attack carried out by Islamic goons that so much as results in an American citizen getting a hang nail anywhere on this planet, Mecca will be impacting right next to Medina.
    You might want to trouble yourself at some point to pick up a Qur’an and actually read it, as you clearly know next to nothing about real Islam.
    And I will tell you now, it isn’t pretty.

    • “But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.” –Sura 9:5

      • W. H. T Gairdner, “The Rebuke Of Islam, (Rewritten And Revised 5Th Edition Of The Reproach Of Islam)” Publisher: London, United Council for Missionary Education | 1920 | ASIN B0008ACOJC
        According to this book, which is not kind to Islam, the reference of this ‘Aya’ was meant against the Arabs themselves. Using it in its proper context please read as:
        A very short term was now set for every man in Arabia to submit to Islam: Arabia was to be solid for Allah and the Arabian prophet-leader. “And when the sacred months are past, kill those who join other gods beside God wherever ye shall find them.” The tribes knew how to take care of themselves, and came to heel. Their “conversion” was accepted with all complaisance, for Mohammed waived scrutiny into the motives of his converts as naively as Islam has done ever since. The Arabian prophet was undisputed lord of all Arabia.

  16. More about Rauf… not just 9/11 but rubbing it in too:

  17. Obama got Osama. Yeah, he’s really showing major weakness. *sarcasm*
    “He needs to go back to Kenya”. “I have no use for any Muslims” Love to read the stereotypical ignorant wingnut comments. Willingly publishing these shows the ugly mentality of your readership.
    I live in NYC, was there when the towers fell. My brother is also Muslim. The people that committed those acts are a tiny minority of the billions of Muslims around the world. Any hatred towards America is being fueled by us bombing the hell out of them, resulting in the deaths of far more innocent civilians than on 9/11. 4,000 souls were lost on 9/11, many more, brave American service people included have died since.
    This isn’t being touchy-feely. It’s about having respect for human life. The people I know and have met who did lose loved ones on 9/11 (from firefighters to executives) don’t foam at the mouth nearly as much as people who are just pissed they attacked “Amurrica”.
    And talking about how Islam is a hateful religion. Isn’t Christianity based on a “vengeful God”? You talk about when Christians try to convert people being ok because you’re trying to “save” them. Wake up and smell the hypocrisy.
    90% of the responses are are thinly veiled ways of saying “I don’t like anyone who is different than I am”.

    • Be sure and wake me up the next time a bunch of Christians strap a bomb onto a twelve year old child and detonate said child in the midst of a bunch of innocent people.
      Islam is a mental disorder, and its followers are nothing more than 7th Century illiterate primitive barbarians, who have no place in a civilized world.

    • And you claim that the 9/11 Islamic goons who carried out the attack on my country on 9/11, which killed two of my business associates, was carried out by a tiny minority.
      Or should I say, camel sh*t.
      Same difference, really.
      All I saw the next day were illiterate primitive camel-washers dancing in the streets all over the globe celebrating the attacks.
      Where were the Muslims who opposed the attacks?
      Too busy washing camels to bother, perhaps?

  18. @Mariana- There’s enough fear/hate to be had by all. I hate no one. You are apparently ‘passionate’ about your religion. Christians are too. Sorry to say, some more than others…but that’s another blog. And although God did not “base” the bible on His vengence, He will indeed get His vengence in the end. He has given ample enough time/patience for this world to come to Him through the Savior, Jesus. If Jesus, is not accepted as the only way to gain eternal salvation, then when Jesus returns, it will be too late. And THEN those who DID NOT LISTEN will have His vengence unleashed upon them. It is never too late to consider this, Mariana. Seek Him while He may be found. There are plenty of muslims whose eyes have been opened to the Truth. At least consider it, K? He loves you. and He would not have that any should perish forever.

  19. Time for some Truth

    Check out this video about Mohammed Ali’s TRIPLE CROSS

  20. Obama watched assault on compound housing Bin Laden in real time
    Our Chief and commander Killed the bastard.. He lead the attack.. something the Bush adm never managed to do.
    If you wonder how many terrorist Obama has killed go to the link on ABC reports of “the notched on President Obama’s belt”
    This website really touches people then at the end where it trashes our President who is responsible for ending the war.. well.. I think you need to update your remarks they are in error.

  21. Thank you Steve, for the breakdown on these… as some forget from time to time… 😉

  22. Wow! Has anyone figured out who Kalif is/was? There are so many interesting comments here that I wanted to get it back on board, just sorry I’m two years and a day late!


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