Remember to boycott this movie, 'The Hateful Eight'

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The Hateful Eight is a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, scheduled to be released to U.S. movie theaters this Christmas Day.
Tarantino, whose movies are saturated with guns and violence, is the foot-fetishist who participated in an anti-police march on October 24, where he called cops “murderers”. (See “Protesters flip off NYPD days after cop slay“)
Quentin Tarantino at anti-cop rally
Tarantino’s own father is speaking out, saying that many in their family are/were cops, including a cousin of Tarantino, Frank Gucciardi, who almost died in the line of duty in the Vietnam War protests at Columbia University in 1968.

Daily Mail says that the producer of The Hateful Eight, Harvey Weinstein, a Democrat — that’s another reason to boycott the movie! — is said to be absolutely furious at Tarantino for attending the anti-police rally and wants him to apologize because police groups have called for a boycott of the flick.

A source said, “Harvey is desperate to find a solution. He’s angry that Tarantino needlessly created a controversy that has nothing to do with the movie. It’s so pointless and unnecessary. And bad for business.”

The Hateful Eight is set to open on Christmas Day, just in time to qualify for the Academy Awards.

So, mark your December calendars to stay away from this turkey!


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0 responses to “Remember to boycott this movie, 'The Hateful Eight'

  1. LOL – Looks like Quentin jumped into the pile of steaming gooma-gooma with both feat.
    Oh, well.

  2. not a fan of tarantino…too much violence and feminism

  3. It is impossible to show a dumocrat where they are WRONG, they are always right in their own minds! Semper Fi.

  4. Won’t be hard to do, can’t stand the guy or his movies.

  5. I predict another Hollyweird bomb…good!

  6. I’ll remember not to go, not that I make a habit of seeing that demento’s movies. One sick puppy.
    What is it with these stars that as soon as one of their movies is coming out, they stick their foot in it, seeming to ask for a boycott? Surely they can’t be trying to drum up controversy with the hope that people will go see their movies.

  7. That’s easy. I could never stand him, anyway.

  8. I’m in on the opt out.
    Screw that nut.
    His movies and the other gory crap gushing out the Hollywood sewer pipe have desensitized the fatherless thugs to bloodshed, and glorified violence.
    Quentin is the murderer.

  9. Noted. Thanks.

  10. I’ve never seen this mans face, it matches his demented mind. I first heard of him while while visiting a friend. My friend was playing one of his movies and so I was a captive audience of the trash he produces. I cut my visit short because of the garbage coming out of the tv, and I’m usually pretty thick-skinned.

  11. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented:
    Interesting. Wonder how this will affect the movie?

  12. I am not a following of Tarantino’s films, but I whole heartedly support his participation in the anti-police march. It is clear that the author of this article and the various comments are blind to the fact that the history of police thuggery and murder has been going on for far too long, particularly against blacks, and has got even worse in recent times. 99.9 percent of the time these cop-thugs are not indicted, not even when the victim has no firearm and is shot in the back while running away. Where is your sense of justice, integrity and honour? That is not to say that there are no good and decent police, there are. But they are few in comparison to the majority of moronic thugs that do the job.

    • Where’s your common sense? The number of bad cops is infinitesimal compared to the number of good cops who are the thin blue line between us and chaos. If you really believe that the “majority” of cops are “thugs”, then who are you going to call if you’re ever victimized by real thugs? Compare the number of ACTUAL murders by police during any given YEAR to the number of murders on any given NIGHT in the inner cities of this country.
      Or are you among those who claim that Michael Brown was murdered? If so, then I understand your POV perfectly.
      I support Tarantino’s right to march, too, and also to say idiotic things. I don’t support his movies because of what he says and the “vision” he promotes through them. Sick and warped, in other words.
      We all have free speech and then we pay the price for our free speech. That’s because we all also have the freedom to vote with our feet whenever we see bigotry like Tarantino’s stereotyping of all cops. We don’t have to pay our hard-earned money to support him or his mentality.

  13. They all hate cops, like they hate lawyers, like they hate guns – until they need one.
    The total hypocrisy of the progressive left leaves me wondering whether their water contains far too much fluoride…good teeth – no brains.

  14. I saw Tarantula’s “Kill Bill,” and I thought it was the most DEMENTED thing I had ever seen. Yes, some police go off the deep end. But who is this CRETIN to lecture anybody?

  15. Tarantino is a sick sob, a real mental case. I hope he’s mugged and the cops just shrug it off.

  16. A cop who murdered a young white male in Utah who had headphones on listening to music walked out of a 7/11 type store with his 2 brothers, doing nothing wrong, turned around and before he could react to the cops screaming and pointing their guns at him that he didn’t hear due to his headphones, was shot to death on video for no reason and then handcuffed as he quickly died in a pool of blood, then the Cop who murdered him went on to actually say how he had a look of hatred in his eyes that made the cop just know that this guy was going to kill him from that hate filled look in his eyes and all of this total B.S. that this cop actually said and of course is not true at all and he just shot and innocent guy who walked out of a store that didn’t hear the cops and didn’t give him time time even react and his brothers had to watch there brother murdered right in front of them and guess what happened to this cop who lied after killing him? Absolutely nothing and he was found to be totally justified in murdering this person that you can watch the damn video yourself… That is only one murder. This proves that every single cop in that department and all of the judges and everyone else in that county and state who saw this and did nothing to punish this murdering cop and all the cops who backed up this cop are all just as guilty as the cop who killed him and if it was an accident, then why did they all lie about it too? This is the same evil corrupt nature of all of law enforcement… If there were any “good” cops, then where are they when this happens in every city, because they are not speaking out or protesting or anything and that proves they support the murder of innocent Americans by supporting and protecting the cops who are murdering us… Period. I don’t want to say this, because this is a damn nightmare and I don’t hate cops, I am afraid of them and that is totally messed up, so stop supporting the murder of your damn fellow Americans!!! What the hell is wrong with people who are sticking up for murdering cops??? I’m ashamed to have to be a damn American and that is tragic…

    • As much as I wish I did not think this way, I tend to agree with you. It was not to long ago another young white male was killed by a police officer for dong absolutely nothing wrong. I do not have the answers but I do know that my father always said that the police force in this country would be programmed to turn against the American people. As for where I live now, the police force is the country sheriff and his deputies. I do not fear our local sherriff or his deputies simply because I know all of them and in fact I sit behind the sheriff just about every Sunday morning. Again I have no answers. I do know we are in a mess of gigantic proportions and our only out is the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  17. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. We will not be watching this movie in light of the evidence you have given us.


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