Remember those fair and balanced focus groups on Faux News?

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Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

National Journal: Luntz Fails to Disclose Rubio Connection

S.V. Dáte writes at National Journal:

Polit­ic­al junkies who fol­low Re­pub­lic­an mes­saging guru Frank Luntz know how he felt that Marco Ru­bio per­formed in the most re­cent GOP pres­id­en­tial de­bate—his tele­vised fo­cus group, his Twit­ter stream, and his in­ter­views left no doubt that he’s a Ru­bio fan.

What they prob­ably don’t know about is Luntz’s close re­la­tion­ship with Ru­bio over the years, and how Ru­bio paid Luntz’s firm a third of a mil­lion dol­lars to pro­duce and pro­mote a book that Ru­bio used to im­prove his statewide name re­cog­ni­tion in Flor­ida a dec­ade ago…

Read the BREITBART article.


Consider the audacity of Frank Luntz telling you what you are thinking

The moment I first saw a Luntz focus group on Fox News I smelled a rat. Thanks to this article in Brietbart, we now have the evidence of false reporting.

Did you think that Cruz or Christy or Trump were your favorite candidate? Now that we have Frank Luntz focus groups, we can rest assured that we actually wanted Marco Rubio!

I am relieved to know that Frank is there to protect me from the costly mistake of not voting for Rubio. Thank you Faux News for helping us to know what we actually thinking. (sarc)

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0 responses to “Remember those fair and balanced focus groups on Faux News?

  1. Hey man, it’s a gig. What the hell do you want from me?
    I simply do not watch Megyn any more. OReilly went two days without slamming Trump, but I got my finger on the remote at all times.
    I’m not afraid I just do not want to hear the BS.
    Thanks to Megyn, I watched Senate hearings on CSpan a couple of times.
    One where no one could explain why the EPA doesn’t deal with poisoned city water all over America, (but especially in black ‘disadvanted’ areas),
    and another where a pharma executive facing hard time virtually gave them the finger for an hour until they asked him to leave.
    Many have observed that the federal government has created opportunities for abuse in every sector it ‘regulates’.
    In this case the entire healthcare industry; and then they act surprised and shocked when ‘for-profit’ drug companies increase prices by 1000%.
    They seem indignant that some are winning too much after the government has rigged the game.
    Such tactics and profits would not prevail in a competitive free market, but the government is actually a silent partner in this and the hippocracy is an outrage (to some)
    Last time I saw Elijah, he was dodging bricks as he was doing a freedom march down the street in Baltimore. He was essentially incoherent and had nothing to attack or sell; but in this hearing he was eloquent.
    To bad he is a race baiting Commie.
    Where’s the list of Senators and Representatives getting payola from Big Pharma?


    Well, Trump was right when called Luntz a “Low Class Slob.”

  3. Fox lies, Fox lies. Who they gunna hire next? Katie Couric?
    They need a crisis actor and soon.

  4. So I guess Bill Sammon a VP at Fox News and in charge of the debates and questions and has a daughter working for Rubio means nothing, right?
    Move on folks. Nothing to see here.

  5. I’ve never liked the arrogant, fat bastard anyway……

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