Remember the Three R's?

So which is it?

Calif. School Tells Elementary Students There Are More Than 2 Gender ‘Options’

Remember when schools were all about teaching the 3 R’s?  You know, Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic? Well, since the progressives took over the public education system, it’s now been transformed into teaching “social” issues and their agendas. 
Witness the curriculum of the Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, California. Via The Blaze: They are teaching young children all about the complicated world of “gender diversity.” The school has designed curriculum for every grade level. Amid the resulting controversy, Principal Sara Stone is defendingthe initiative, claiming that it is in line with what parents want:
“If we don’t have a safe, nurturing class environment, it’s going to be hard to learn. Really, the message behind this curriculum is there are different ways to be boys. There are different ways to be girls.”
A gender expert and trainer was brought in to speak to the children: The trainer also told the children that this diversity applies to human beings as well. It is this rationale — that gender is pliable and that there are “more than two options” — that has some people frustrated. The San Francisco Chronicle has more on the curriculum: A one-hour elementary school lesson on gender diversity featuring all-girl geckos and transgender clownfish…fourth- and fifth-grade students learned about the crazy world of gender within the animal kingdom with lessons about single-sex Hawaiian geckos, fish that switch genders and boy snakes that act “girly.”
We have parents raising their children without identifying the identity of their gender and now teaching kids that there are “more than two options to gender”? Call me crazy yet the animal kingdom does have different norms than human beings. And this now qualifies as “education”? 
Reason #99,999 to homeschool!

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9 years ago

You shared another example of stupidity in Jokeland.
Who in their right mind thinks gender is pliable?
I believe home schooling is the route to take, provided you ensure the children have daily socialization with other children…

9 years ago
Reply to  Zorro

Is there any time left during the day to teach them how to be literate and do Math even?

9 years ago

Uncle Sigmund — you got a lotta splainin’ to do.

9 years ago

What the heck, over? (And this at an age where kids think the opposite sex has “cooties”?)

9 years ago

these teachers are truly sick individuals. They are lucky I am not there. They need to be fired,first and foremost. They should not be allowed to be around children. Very good points Anon.