Remember Raven Symone from The Cosby Show? She's Not An African-American. Nope..

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Check this young lady out. She say’s To Oprah the hypocritical windbag that she is an American. No Labels for her. Watch Oprah choke on it. I Love it.


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0 responses to “Remember Raven Symone from The Cosby Show? She's Not An African-American. Nope..

  1. I believe John Wayne said about the same thing… the hyphen separates you.

  2. Good for Raven-Symone, Cosby would be proud of her. Oprah, shows what she is.

  3. I appreciate Miss Symone’s honesty and poise and clarity of speech. I am interested in what Miss Winfrey said, too. I could have done without the drama, but her words were interesting — “that’s what it *should* be”. One thing that’s really clear is the difference between Miss Symone’s generation and Miss Winfrey’s. Miss Symone looks towards the future with optimism. Miss Winfrey seems less able or less inclined to do that — partly because of her personality, partly because of what she has experienced.

    • Son of the Rabbit People

      Oprah’s right about one thing; the race hustle industry don’t want to hear that from any non-whites. Of course Oprah is part of the industry….

  4. Saw this last night. Thought Oprah was going to faint! he he…

  5. Three cheers for Raven-Symone!!!
    Here’s her Twitter account:

  6. This young lady might be the smartest person to ever appear on the Doprah show….ever.

  7. I appreciate that she didn’t show up waving a rainbow flag and bemoan how oppressed she thinks she is. I appreciate that she was articulate and well mannered and simply referred to herself as American.

  8. Good for Miss Symone!
    SERIOUSLY: Oprah has made a fortune demonizing men. In my humble opinion, having witnessed demonic activity on a few occasions in life, I truly believe that Oprah Winfrey is possessed, in the Catholic theological sense of the term. What else makes me say that? She always assumes an attitude of malign encouragement. She takes (or fakes!) a therapeutic air and always aims to encourage her guests to demonize men, or, in this case, lead the guest to the result she (and not Miss Symone) wants.

  9. Thank you Miss Symone! I believe blacks miss the whole point. If you were born and raised in America, you are an American! That goes for Germans, Italians, Jews, and etc. If blacks want to be African-American than go back to Africa.

  10. I bet she got this view point from Bill and good for her!!!! If we could stop all the infighting that the PTB perpetuate we would all be better off as we could clearly see who the enemy within is.


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