Remember Lemonade Stands?

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Remember the good old days?

Government regulation: Lemonade Day done wrong

Nicolas S. Martin of the LA Times has written an op-ed about his attempt to have his child participate in National Lemonade Day. His story is a great lesson of how over-controlling our big government has become today. Here’s his story:
My 8-year-old recently got the lemonade stand itch. So we started laying plans to enrich her college fund by enticing passers-by with white chocolate-pistachio cookies and juice from organic lemons. Fortunately, our property backs onto one of the busiest paved urban trails in America, bustling on weekends with cyclists, rollerbladers and pedestrians. Visions of dollars danced in our heads.
Googling for the perfect lemonade recipe, we soon found a site promoting a May 1 “national” event called Lemonade Day. This event, organizers say, is an “initiative designed to teach kids how to start, own and operate their own business — a lemonade stand.” What better day to begin building our lemonade empire?
After shopping for her raw materials, I gave my kid a bedtime primer about starting a business. How much profit do you make after expenses? How should you promote your business? Give the customer a great product. She soaked it up and went to sleep all inspiration and smiles. Then I got to thinking about something I hadn’t discussed with her: government regulations.
The next morning I began a three-day phone trek through the maze of government agencies that regulate businesses and food sales, and I watched my child’s All-American plan crumble like fresh-baked cookies.
My first call was to the parks department, which maintains the trail. That agency is a sponsor of the local Lemonade Day, but, alas, does not permit lemonade stands on its properties any other day of the year. It especially doesn’t allow them alongside the trail. Why? They would be “dangerous”; accidents would happen. Do they expect any accidents on Lemonade Day, I asked? “No, we are confident nothing bad will happen that day.” Poof! Our best option for a profitable lemonade stand was gone.
My next calls were to the health department, where I eventually found an official who cheerfully told me that, except on Lemonade Day, no child can legally operate a lemonade stand in our city. Nowhere. No time. As far as she is concerned, Lemonade Day itself is just food poisoning waiting to happen. What the Lemonade Day organizers should teach the children, said the health official, is about the importance of learning and obeying the government regulations that prohibit lemonade stands.
Learning to be an entrepreneur “starts with a lemonade stand,” say the organizers of Lemonade Day. But they don’t want to talk about the regulations that make it impossible for my kid to become a lemonade stand entrepreneur. They tell me it is “silly” and “beside the point” to focus on the regulations. I am told that Lemonade Day is about kids learning to “give back to their communities,” “do better in school” and “open bank accounts.” It is not about something so self-serving as making a profit by selling a good product. That is the old American way, but the new way is living with rules that banish the lemonade stand to one government-approved day a year.
Nicolas concludes with “Next year they should rename it Regulation Day.” That would apply to everyday of the year in today’s era of big government.

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0 responses to “Remember Lemonade Stands?

  1. ya know this would be a good job for Sara Palin,sit down and X thru all the ridiculous red tape,and we would all cheer her on. She would be good at it. I would enjoy doing this,man would I.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Regulations have been killing our economy for years. You know, instead of focusing on de-funding, it might be worthwhile if Congress, state and local governments focused on de-regulating.
    On second thought, that’s not likely to happen. They’ll lose all those juicy fines they assess when regulations are broken.
    Land of the free — or free enterprise? I think not!

  3. This is so pathetically stupid that it’s almost impossible to comment on it. But it should be expected in an age of empire and crony capitalism: you’re either with us, or you’re against us!
    Well, it’s a sad day when a country is set against its government: “I love my country, but I can’t trust its feral gubbmint!” Don’t get me started on our TOTALLY stupid gun laws.
    Here in Kanada, on Monday, 02 May, we go to the polls once, once more, as the Duke would say, to see IF we can get it right this time. In very much doubt that we CAN, even if we WANT to get it right, same predicament as you are in now. Our little Stevie Harper, an economist [God forgive for saying that word!] wasn’t able to see the economic tsunami coming…. So why the Hell didn’t you get out of the way?
    We’re in desperate need of a proportional system, as is the USSA, because our so-called Conservatives have morphed into total reactionaries that would act exactly as in your posting. Our best, Bob Stanfield and Flora McDonald, were back-stabbed by the party so a fool could be put in place, ala the Obamamama nastiness!
    But hey! They do it to save free market capitalism! Aint’cha glad now?
    I raised my kids to work in our family nursery, and they paid well, but today I’d be in jail/prison for “child abuse” for sure. OK, I guess that means the death penalty for my dad, who took me to work w/him when I was a kid of 8 yrs, lugging the lead pigs for his furnace to join cast iron sewage stacks. Yeah, it was torture…. NOT!
    I learned a trade and a craft, as did many other youngsters who found this the only way to bond w/a parent long gone from home. Today I can earn a good living from what I learned, but will this child know that experience?
    Only the abuse of the State, so she will learn that “War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery”, and “Ignorance is Strength”!
    I told my Meeting for Worship that the time is come that we MUST resist and be ready to go to prison or even die, if need be, to preserve what was fought and died for more rthan 200 years ago. There was a deafening silence: OK, at 68 I am a younger member, but this is what it will take, or we will end as slaves, ditto all our children! Is this what we have lived and worked for?

  4. Please forgive my spelling lapses, as I was VERY impassioned on this. I meant “I very much doubt” not “In very much doubt”, and “they were paid well”, not “they paid well”, as children never do, nor do we expect them to!
    I have two favourite quotations. The first is from Goethe: “There is nothing more frightening than ignorance in action.” And we’ve ALL paid the price.
    Next, e e cummings, “a world of made is not a world of born,” which I feel is the greatest line ever written. OK, to date!
    All my best to all, stay strong: the struggle is long!

  5. The America I grew up in is gone.

    • Hear that Dave…”sigh”

      • Sad, ain’t it?

        • Steve’s right on the gold here.
          As a more than forty years member of the Religious Society of Friends [Quakers] by convincement and the leading of Christ, I am all for turning the other cheek. But what if, as a wonderful pacifist MD Sikh who was a client of mine remarked, your adversary slaps that cheek as well? Then what? I know we are to forgive 70 times 70 and more if need be, but the flesh can be just as offended as the spirit. And we all have met terminally stupid human beings, a danger to both others and themselves. Finally, if we all give up our lives for our loved ones, who will then look after them?
          Your thoughts are solicited!

        • OK, I hear and like what you say, it’s just as good as a wake-up poke from Eowyn.
          But more seriously, a lot of us now feel as the slaves did, when told to be patient, freedom’s a’coming! You know, “Hope is on the way” BS, etc. The real problem is that most people never learned to organize from the neighbourhood up, always looking for “leadership” from one more fatal clown!
          Fact is, Harper, Hitler, and Mussolini were ALL elected minority leaders! The Obamamama fraud is the same, just shucking and jiving us to Doom’s Day.

  6. Government run amok!


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