Remember Benghazi

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A few presidential photo ops and sound bites about the victims of Hurricane Sandy do not cancel out the depraved indifference that resulted in the deaths in Benghazi. 

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  1. This putrid sore is festering…We need to blow it open…Clean it. Get air and light on it. We need to know, regardless of who is elected…We may be fighting off Muslims armed by our own gov’t!…We may be punished by Valerie Jarrett for not supporting her baby boy…If we know what has really happened, we stand 1/2 a chance…If we don’t know,…well, a blind side hit is never good…Remember Benghazi…always.

  2. The fact that nearly half the electorate in this country appears to be poised to vote for this worthless POS next Tuesday is beyond merely depressing – it is maddening.

    God, what has happened to our America?


    • It just blows my mind that the American people bury their head with the Benghazi story. Folks in military are ticked off. But the sheeple continue on the path of stupidity. Argh…

      • DCG,

        It appears the sheeple have their heads up their asses concerning a whole host of things.

        Half of America has been dumbed down to the point of idiocy.


        • Talk about dumbed down; it is with great sadness, that I realize that my nieces and nephews are amongst the dumbed down. They were brought up in a liberal state, being subjected to the brain washing of our public schools, and then off to to the ivy covered halls of (liberal colleges) academia. The oldest is now 35, but they still haven’t woke up to the awful state they are in, nor the doom that will befall them. I can only hope somethng will happen that shakes them up before it is to late. If things continue the way they are going–I just hope that I won’t be around to see the carnage that will eventually beset our beloved country, when there are no longer people who know the truth and are willing to defend this country.

  3. NEVER vote democrat


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