Remember All Those Kids Coming Across Our Open Border?

Well they’re  still coming , and bringing some nasty virus’s. I don’t know why, but with everyone watching Ebola it seems we forgot about this junk. Hmmmm You know Skippy. Always have to watch the left hand while he waves the right.



Disease common in Latin America was rare in U.S.

NEW YORK – The CDC denies a causal link between the surge of illegal-alien children from Latin America and the enterovirus D-68 outbreak in the United States, but government data show the virus was rare in the U.S. before this year.
“There is no evidence that unaccompanied children brought EV-D68 into the United States; we are not aware of any of these children testing positive for the virus,” the CDC emailed WND in response to a request for comment.
The CDC argued EV-D68 is not new to the U.S., having been identified in California in 1962.
“In previous years, it has not been as commonly identified as other enteroviruses,” CDC said. “This year’s increase in confirmed cases is not due to a recent introduction in the United States.”
However, evidence buried in peer-reviewed medical journals provides support for the argument enterovirus D-68, or EV-D68, in the United States was a relatively rare disease. The EV-D68 epidemic occurred only after the surge this year of unaccompanied alien children illegally crossing the border from Latin America, a region where the virus is more prevalent among young children.
The CDC records nearly 700 people who have been diagnosed with the virus this year. Five children have died while infected.
As WND reported Tuesday, EV-D68, believed to cause polio-like paralysis in addition to flu symptoms, is widely suspected to have a direct connection to the Obama administration policy of placing across the U.S. tens of thousands of minors who have been allowed to enter without a health screening.
D-68 surge coincides with illegal aliens
The surge in EV D-68 in the U.S. became evident in mid-September when the CDC first reported it had reached epidemic levels in six U.S. states: Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky and Missouri.
The surge in unaccompanied minors was also evident in September, with the numbers jumping from 16,067 apprehended in Fiscal Year 2011 to 24,481 in FY 2012 and from 38,833 in FY 2013 to 47,017 in the first eight months of FY 2014.
Currently, a page on the CDC website dedicated to “Enterovirus D68 in the United States, 2014″ discloses, “The United States is currently experiencing a nationwide outbreak of enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) associated with severe respiratory illness.”
Rest Of WND Story HERE!

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23 responses to “Remember All Those Kids Coming Across Our Open Border?

  1. Like I trust anything the CDC says…

  2. This is political nonsense. More than half the population in Jamaica have been infected with the virus this year, and as far as I can tell it is not common in our country. Better yet, we do not have any illegal aliens coming to our country.

    • “Better yet, we do not have any illegal aliens coming to our country.” This is ignorant nonsense.
      You should see the numbers reported by DHS, via Center for Immigration Studies:
      “As of late September 2014, ICE had carried out approximately 306,000 deportations. This includes all forms of deportation — both removals and returns. These are deportations carried out by ICE, but they may have originated with an arrest by any of the DHS agencies. They include individuals arrested by ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) in jails or in fugitive operations; by ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in security, crime, gang, or worksite operations; by Border Patrol agents while crossing into the United States illegally between ports of entry; by Customs and Border Protection officers while attempting to gain admission at the legal ports of entry; or by USCIS officers as a result of a failed application for an immigration benefit.”
      “The number of (illegal) aliens who have received a final order of removal, but who are still in the United States, has risen to nearly 900,000. Nearly 167,000 of these are convicted criminals who were released by ICE and are currently at large.
      And thanks to Obama: “According to this new policy, ICE agents and officers are not permitted to arrest certain large categories of illegal aliens, including those who have not been convicted of another crime and those with family members here.

    • We do not have any illegal aliens coming to our country? You been to El Paso lately? Or, better yet, seen all those MS-13 homies from Central America (causing trouble with machetes) in Chicago?

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  4. Any one with a brain should know that allowing people to enter this country willy-nilly, without being screened for contagious diseases is just about as stupid as it gets. We are complacent in this country regarding deadly diseases because up until now–we haven’t had to deal with it, because we have had higher health standards than most of the rest of the world. Surprise, surprise now we are forced to worry about diseases that have been brought here due to no fault of our own (I mean our government is at fault, not the common citizen.) Steve, this is a great post. Keep up the great work!

  5. Excellent post, Steve!

  6. Not to worry! President Ebola will solve the problem!

  7. I’m getting the distinct feeling there are large elements of our government that want us dead.

  8. Has anyone looked into exactly WHERE these kids and young adults are coming from,and who’s orchestrating this exodus? I’m STILL of the opinion ALL these people should be getting put on planes,as SOON as we can learn their town of origin,and sent directly back home,and delivered to the nearest Hospital to be checked out and treated for whatever illness they have,at their home Country’s expense.

  9. I can’t get past their still coming. I keep rereading it and it doesn’t make any sense. No wonder the “common” people can’t write or spell. When you leave a mistake like this in your story it sets a really bad example.

  10. Cindy, it’s fixed. Thanks. Now that it’s changed does your brain get past it to understand? Wow must be tough to not be able to get past that to understand a story.
    BTW it’s also bad manners to correct people in public.
    Touche, we’re even. 🙂

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