Religious diversity means you can't say "Easter egg"

"Academic egg hunt"

“Academic egg hunt”

Madison School Modifies Student Easter Egg Hunt, Citing ‘Religious Diversity’ Conflicts

WHNT: Teachers at Heritage Elementary School in Madison (AL) were informed Monday their plans to have an “academic egg hunt” with their kindergarten and second grade students would need to be scrapped.
The school’s principal, Lydia Davenport, informed staff no activities related to or centered around any religious holiday would be allowed in the interest, she says, of religious diversity among students.
There is nothing biblical about Easter bunnies or colorful plastic eggs or synthetic iridescent grass clippings — but the perceived need to modify the student egg hunt has many parents upset; less upset, they say about the need to preserve religious freedom and more about their students’ freedom to simply be a kid.
One Heritage parent wrote in an email response:
“I don’t get upset about too many things, but this upsets me. What is this world coming to? I am a Christian and proud to announce it. But even non-believers enjoy a good egg hunt. Kids need to enjoy being kids.”
“We had in the past,” explains principal Lydia Davenport, “a parent to question us about some of the things we do here at school, so we’re just trying to make sure we respect and honor everybody’s differences.”
Teachers had originally planned to participate in a ‘quiz bowl’ egg hunt where students would chime in to answer with egg buzzers and search for answers to quiz questions in “Easter eggs”.  It sounds simply like fun and games — no rugged crosses cloaked in purple silk, no images of hands clasped in prayer; just eggs — plastic ones. But Heritage School administrators came up with a compromise to allow the student activity to continue.
“We compromised by allowing teachers to use other different kinds of shapes besides eggs in the classroom to put those questions in the students will be answering.”
Davenport says Madison City Schools have no policy in place regarding observance of religious holidays. Elementary school teachers in Madison are allowed to choose the two parties they wish their respective classes to participate in each year. The egg hunt and quiz bowl will go on, just without any mention of the word “Easter”.
“Kids love the bunny,” smiles Davenport, “and we just make sure we don’t say ‘the Easter bunny’ so that we don’t infringe on the rights of others because people relate the Easter bunny to religion; a bunny is a bunny and a rabbit is a rabbit,” Davenport concluded.
Principal Davenport says one of her kindergarten teachers has students that represent six different religious denominations.  It is the need to make sure religiously diverse students do not feel uncomfortable, she says, that prompted the decision to change the semantics on the school egg hunt.
Lydia Davenport, ED.D., Principal
11775 County Line Road Madison, AL   35758

Tel: (256) 772-2075


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this woman is twisted.. thankyou for the info DCG. will be calling. Happy Easter everyone…


So, infringing one group’s right means you’re being tolerant to all – completely barmy and skewed logic as per usual.
In the past I’ve always enjoyed Christmas and Easter but lately I’ve changed and they’re not all that important to me anymore. Doesn’t mean that I don’t want others to enjoy them though.
Changing the words to accommodate different religions is a false reason anyway. Most other religions like to join in at Christmas and Easter. No, the real reason is that in a generation they’ll have forgotten what Christmas and Easter were supposed to mean.


I do believe that God will be infringing on our rights soon. COME, LORD JESUS – PLEASE!


Political Correctness is a mental disorder.
This mentally ill woman should be fired and never allowed within 500 feet of a child again.

Sylvia Strang
Sylvia Strang

Qua America becoming?!! Our pledge of allegiance Is ONE NATION UNDER GOD with liberty and justice for all. If they don’t like it they should go back to their own country!!

Johnny Sikes

She has no common sense. No wonder the public looks on with disdain. This is EASTER, same on you. I have 39 years of teaching/coaching/admin experience in Lee County.

Lone Wolf

been away for a bit , but nothing seems to have changed for the better. Happy and holy Easter everyone. God bless you all.


Idiot (picture me shaking my head)


Thank you DCG for this most revealing post. People like this principal promote fear, not a respect for diversity of belief. This has got nothing to do with diversity or belief. Easter is just plain fun for little children!


In my town of Nothingham, Massachusets, we originally called our annual Christmas event, “Festival of Lights.” No terrible problem here, because it does connect to the faithful resistance of Israel celebrated at Chanukah.
Now we have slipped to the milk toast level of calling it, “The Festival of Trees.” This would mean something in Rivendell or LothLorien. But in Massachusetts, the only possible meaning is, “We are afraid to offend anyone.”
Well, this Sunday, I will not celebrate the Festival of Eggs! I will celebrate the resurrection of the “Son of Man”, the son of the living God!


May the Easter Bunny deliver Easter Poo in her Easter Basket. Quit taking away our childrens joy of the holidays. Maybe if they follow their Cscope agenda, other kid should learn our cultures like the ones they are forcing down our kids throats now. I believe in the idea of charter schools in which parents have the input of how our children are educated. Let our kids be kids and quit forcing political agendas on them.