"Religion of Peace" had increase in honor killings

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Australia Network NewsAlmost 1,000 Pakistani women and girls were murdered last year for allegedly defaming their family’s honour, according to the country’s leading human rights group.
The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan annual report said around 595 of the women killed in 2011 were accused of having “illicit relations” and 219 of marrying without permissionSome victims were raped or gang raped before being killed, the Commission said. Most of the women were killed by their brothers or husbands.  Only 20 of 943 killed were reported to have been provided medical aid before they died, the Commission wrote.
The Commission reported 943 ‘honour killings’ in 2011, 152 more than the previous year.  Despite the rising number of reported killings, activists have praised parliament for passing laws aimed at strengthening women’s protection against abuses.
The activists praised the parliament while the number of honor killings increased?  And how can you praise a country that still allows this to happen?
Congratulations Pakistan.  You prove that your barbaric religious followings truly make Islam the “religion of pieces”.

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0 responses to “"Religion of Peace" had increase in honor killings

  1. Until people realize that these people are still living in the stone age we will not have a peaceful world and the UN needs to be closed because they are as useless as …

  2. Evil has no specific time or age….and the UN has never
    been anything more than a country club for the bureaucrats
    of tyrants and dictators and NWO control freaks…

  3. well marrying without permission boy i can see how that might be a punishable offense (sarcasm)

  4. Gosh…we are so blessed! I tend to forget that, until I hear things like this! How horrible!! We do not realize how lucky we truly are! (lucky = blessed)

  5. Thank God, the Lord is coming back soon in his fury and in his wrath to drop-kick their miserable barbaric cruel reprobate asses into hell, where they all belong. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  6. Religions are just disgusting, and this is a perfect example of it. Murder in the name of God, when God said “Thou shalt no kill.” Amazing the stupidity of most religions. But everyone is so worried about offending Islam. I’d just send them all back to the Middle East and let them kill each other if they want, but they have no place in any civilized society. Islam is just another trash religion like most of the other ones.

  7. Al Thompson, I agree, entirely. I make your words mine.

  8. Some truly despicable things done in the name of religion and a culture that sees women as objects to use and discard as the men see fit! Truly sad and shameful acts!


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