Release the Memes! 

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On a stupidity scale of 1 to Z

Who’s dumber, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… 

or the people who voted for her?


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18 responses to “Release the Memes! 

    • Horrible, but accurate, Lophatt.

    • The Govner in Virginia is getting raked over the coals. But not to worry. He’s getting advice from TMac the former clinton fixer. And if TMac has anything to do with it the 2020 dem ticket will be mcaulliff/northam. northam does a pretty good ‘bill clinton’ impression.

  1. she looks kinda wall-eyed.nnot that there’s anything wrong with that. though they do look a little like black holes, sucking in everything and giving nothing back.

  2. Magpie Ocasio-Cortez’s new job is bartender at the House serving tables on “floor”.

    • Last night the (democRats) women wearing “white” reminded me of the KKK. and PeeLousy, the Imperial Wizard presiding the throne!

      • They forgot to consult with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for fashion tips on how to wear the white hoods.

  3. Straight out of Compton…I mean brain cells…

  4. MAKE NO MISTAKE: If you thought Hillary Rodham Clinton was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Mark My Words: If this woman ever gets hold of the levers of power, a genocide unseen in history shall befall America.

    Think it can’t happen? Guess again: The Devil himself is reconnoitering.

  5. Meet dumb as a rock Ocasio-Cortez’s “Justice DemocRats” communications Director, (Handler) Waleed Shahid. (Most of their “ideas” came from ripping off/copying the TEA Party , yeah those racist, patriot, populists who cleared out some of the Liberal/Democrat RINO’s from the GOP )

  6. Release the Kracken

    Her comrades in the ocean water living room flooded out district of Brooklyn voted because of her last name and they don’t want anything to happen to their nice welfare checks.
    Remember when Pelosi’s daughter said she would cut your throat and you wouldn’t even know it?
    Why do you think they had this third rate Evita Peron wannabe become the face of the Unicorn Fart Powered Green New Deal.


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