Reducing the risk to public safety: Three prisoners released from WA state facilities due to Wuhan virus re-arrested for crimes

Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee with his buddy Obama

Prisoners across the country are being released to stop the spread of Wuhan virus in order to “protect public health.”

Or something.

You know that many criminals are going to go back to their old ways. Three of them recently released in Washington State did just that.

KOMO News reports that three prisoners released were re-arrested for new crimes. One smashed some boards at a restaurant while high as a kite, another stole items from a store and another took police on a high speed chase.

After the criminals were arrested AGAIN they were released AGAIN.

A representative from the Seattle Police Officers Guild said, “I said they were going to reoffend.”

Here’s the kicker from KOMO: “We asked Inslee what he’s now doing to reassure the public. He did not answer that question but his office sent us a statement that reads in part: “This group was chosen to reduce the risk to public safety, but no choice could be made to guarantee that there would never be a new crime committed.”

Read the KOMO News story here.

Meanwhile, Gov. Inslee has extended Washington’s “stay at home” order until May 31. And the process to re-open their economy is very complicated.

Yet the criminals are free to run around and continue their business as usual.


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8 months ago

Yep, most reoffend. Not all, but most, especially if they have a long arrest record. I suspect my cousin (who was in jail many times) stole a large amount of coins from my parents’ house, he stole 30 K from his own mother, so why not, right? Plus he was the only one who was in the area. But sure, release them, that’ll punish them.
Hey Dr. E, not to get off topic, but can’t wait till the next caption contest! 🙂

Vin ze Vizzer
Vin ze Vizzer
8 months ago
Reply to  chemtrailssuck

This is one thing that Islam has over us. They kill family members who dishonor their family. We just let them keep taking advantage of us.

8 months ago
Reply to  Vin ze Vizzer

My bad, found them hidden away. Glad I didn’t accuse him to his face. Oops!

Kevin J Lankford
Kevin J Lankford
8 months ago

And here I thought prison was the ultimate form of ‘stay at home’ and true “social” distancing.

8 months ago

The releasing of jailed criminals reminds me of the dystopian film, “The Purge”, except it’s going on everyday instead of a weekend once per year.