Redneck mousetrap

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  • 1 5-gallon bucket
  • 1 metal rod
  • 1 empty plastic soft-drink bottle
  • adhesive tape
  • bait


  • Drill 2 holes at top of bucket for metal rod
  • Drill 2 holes in top and bottom of bottle
  • Insert metal rod through holes in  bottle
  • Secure rod-and-bottle to bucket
  • Tape the bait to middle of bottle
  • Pour 4″ of water in bucket


Your own redneck mousetrap! 😀

redneck mousetrap


Environmentally safe! No rat poison or energy utilized!

H/t FOTM’s WildBillAlaska


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0 responses to “Redneck mousetrap

  1. ~Ha! Perhaps there is a behavioral lesson here for our society…..

    “Their voracious appetite drives them to jump in the bucket for the seed and drown.”

    Our commo center is in the mountains. To keep Rodentia in the woods where they belong, and the predators that hunt them (coyotes, fox, vipers), we have them ‘Walk The Plank’ Aaargh!

    Sprinkle a little bird seed at the end of the plank that is on the lip of the bucket then sprinkle some on top of the water in the bucket. Their voracious appetite drives them to jump in the bucket for the seed and drown. No poisons to harm other animals, pets or children.

  2. This is wonderful, truly genius, and about to fly to my friends as an intra-continental missive!

  3. I read about it awhile back and now this is even better than reading

  4. Of course, the cat would say he could do a better job… and probably find this quite entertaining to watch anyway.

  5. Na anon ya gather the cats around and dump the bucket… Another good one I saw was corn on a wheel for squirrals…


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