Red-Green axis is on fire in Connecticut.

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 From, a graphic flier exposes the cozy relationship between Connecticut legislators and eight organizations that support extreme-left-wing and/or Islamic interests.

The organizations include:

  • Muslim Brotherhood (via CAIR and other organizations)
  • Communist Party USA
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • Progressive Democrats of America
  • Alliance for Retired Americans
  • Council for a Livable World
  • Working Families Party

Legislators are listed with the committees they serve, so readers can understand the full gravity of the situation.

 Treacherous associations. The big shocker is that all of Connecticut’s finest collude with, promote or are supported by the Communist Party USA.

And all but one (Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro) is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Congressman Jim Himes gets the anti-trophy for his alliance with all of the organizations. All of the legislators are on good terms with at least five of them.

The back of the flier includes links to youtube videos and other sources. For instance, you can view Senator Richard Blumenthal speaking at a 2011 CAIR-CT banquet here.

In case someone doesn’t get the implications, the flier explains:

“The “Red-Green Axis” is the unholy alliance between Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy America. Both seek to destroy America’s government but for different reasons. Where the Muslim Brotherhood aims to institute an Islamic, Sharia-ruled government through “Civilization Jihad,” the Communists/Progressives/Socialists seek to establish a totalitarian, Marxist government.”

The flier also provides helpful educational links. Nice work!


(Flier posted with permission.)


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26 responses to “Red-Green axis is on fire in Connecticut.

  1. There’s probably an office for them to work out of in our new embassy in Jerusalem. If not, there’s always space in NYC.

  2. Has Trevor Loudon looked into other Dem-controlled states, like California?

    • I don’t know, but I am going to find out. 🙂

      • I do know that nationwide and in Europe, the Reds ally with Greens (Muslims) and, one should add, with Khazarians (fake Jews) as well. (One color should they be assigned?) Although one would think the three have little in common, they are united in their hatred for the Western, i.e., Christian, civilization. It’s the twisted rationale of “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

        • If you Google “KeyWiki” and a federal legislator’s name, Loudon can provide info on virtually everyone in Congress. That’s how the CT organization put this matrix together. Try it, it’s a pretty cool tool. You’ll see a featured profile and a search tool on the upper left.

      • Thank you for your efforts ahead of time, though I am going to guess that the would be graph for California is going to look very similar.

  3. Muslim Brotherhood Political Infiltration on Steroids

    But the key is the link from the American Thinker titled “An Explanatory Memorandum: On the General Strategic Goal for the Group”, I have personally witnessed the Muslim population grow almost overnight in 2 different states, from zero. And if you know about the Bosnian & Kosovo Jihads assisted by the (((US & NATO))), you will see a similar program in its infancy

  4. “U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s CAIR Ally Posts al-Qaida Leader’s Video”

    I absolutely despise Blumenthal. Beyond his anti-American values, he’s creepy looking.

  5. It really isn’t hard to see this. Think about Clinton’s best friend. Think about Obongo. Think about the shooting operation in Florida. Remember the speech by Israel’s “Number 2” to the Muslim group?

    I doubt if anyone seriously thinks this is all just happening by the natural order of things. Part of the problem is that Christians don’t see understand the threat. Jews understand the threat and seek to use it to their advantage. Both the Jews and the Muslims want Christianity destroyed.

    Churches don’t help either. Most advise “ecumenism” and try to tell their parishioners that there is nothing to worry about. Islam and the Jews rely on that fact. They know what is taught and they use it.

    One must understand that the reason they are targeted is that they are effective. For them to make real progress with their destruction they must eliminate Christians. They are doing this on the political front as well as the religious.

    Just look at the advertising. The most undesirable thing a person could be is a white, male Christian who’s straight. The weird part is that they actually get white male Christians to hate themselves.

    I know that never in my lifetime have we been under such an attack. I doubt that we ever have been in anyone’s lifetime. People have to wake up or be lost. Every person who sleeps through this makes it harder on the rest of us.

  6. As in Bosnia,Kosovo,Libya, & now against secular Syria, the US/Israel/Saudi Arabia/NATO share the same goals and objectives as Islamic fundamentalists, “al-Qaeda” , & “ISIS” terrorists.
    Warning:Graphic pictures of the US/NATO “Future” al-Qaeda terrorist “allies” mutilating Christians

  7. Thank you Cinderella. “They” (the enemy within) are not destroying western countries with conventional weapons, but with an invasion from the third world. There is so much to be concerned about now, but the slow and steady Muslim takeover should be at or near the top of list of concerns. Once they are a majority, kiss life as you knew it goodbye. That is if they let you live.

    The best site for keeping abreast of what’s happening here and in other countries is this one by Ann Corcoran, a farmer in Maryland. The site is updated daily.

    These politicians representing Connecticut, and politicians elsewhere, would be a joke if not for the damage they do. DeLauro is missing a check mark for the Muslim Brotherhood. The missing mark is probably for the Italian Mafia.

    Blumenthal never misses a photo op when an illegal alien is about to be deported. He’s there supporting the criminals. And Blumenthal colluding with the Working Families Party! That is good for a few knee slaps.

    Creepy Blumenthal hooked a 16 year old girl when he was 31 and married into her very wealthy family. Shades of John McCain. Bloomie has never done an honest day’s work in his life. This is his father-in-law:
    Peter L. Malkin is an American real estate investor and chairman emeritus of Empire State Realty Trust and Malkin Holdings. The company owns part of the Empire State Building and many other NYC landmarks.

    Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement (a 4 minute eye opener)

    • Thanks Anne. I wasn’t aware of the details of this. “Hijra” is my new word. There’s that old U.N., “One World Government” thing again. I read today that Google employees were all up in arms over “Trump Supporters” who they defined as “Populists” (i.e. “nationalists”, etc.), basically “regressive”.

      So the message seems to be, “you’re either on the bus or off the bus”. They have our future mapped for us. All they require is cooperation.

      It isn’t hard to see how Obongo saw his meteoric rise from gay beach hustler to president. While they’ve apparently been at this for much longer, those eight years didn’t help.

      As she mentions in her video, they don’t care what the locals think or do. It isn’t for the locals to have an opinion. For those contractors and their subcontractors, this is a lucrative business.

  8. Super info, Anne. Corcoran is impeccable. The organization that sent me the matrix flier derives a lot of excellent info from her. CT would be a lost cause (politically) were it not for some extremely diligent, vigilant and sharp cookies. They are onto the Islamic invasion, but sometimes miss the role Zionism plays in all of this.

    Still … they have managed to pass a law in CT that protects authors from “libel tourism” – by which foreign libel judgments from countries where free speech isn’t protected can be enforced. (“Rachel’s Law.”)

    Believe it or not, though, despite a big effort, they were not able to pass a law in CT this year that would have made female genital mutilation illegal. This is barbaric, but true. In CT, parents can hack their daughter’s genitals off for “religious” reasons. Shameful, but there are still people in CT who care enough to bring these issues to their legislators, and as long as that is true, there is hope in the nutmeg state.

  9. The Muslim invasion of the white Christian nations of the West is to destroy its cultures, economies, societies, environments, Christianity, nations, and its White peoples. Satanic Bolshevik Barbara Lerner Spectre reveals who is at the forefront: AshkeNazis!

    • Hawkmoon, you sent me on a search, and I found this video:

      • The Kalergi Plan to destroy White Western Christian nations is very real. They give out a Charlemagne Prize every other year to the top enabler of their genocidal plan with Merkel & Kissinger, springing to mind as recipents. Great find and I am glad you looked into my post friend. I have been awake & aware since I was a teenager.

        On another note, how can you put up a icon for my posts like you have?

  10. This is sobering stuff!

  11. I spent most of my life (except for college and the Army) in Fairfield County, CT. I retired and escaped to the inland northwest in 2014. The only thing I regret about moving here is that I didn’t make the move forty years ago. Looking back, I think there must have been some divine intervention that caused me to get my act together and relocate. Every day I’m thankful that I’m no longer in CT. My last job there was just two miles from home straight down the Post Road (US Route 1). I could walk or take the commuter bus at senior half fare. Because of the vibrant diversity along the way it was safer for me to drive. I was always the only middle aged white guy in a clean shirt and tie on the bus and the object of lots of hostile stares. At the time when I was preparing to move there was a survey of CT residents that revealed that about 50% of CT residents had plans to move away or were seriously considering it.
    What is happening to CT is nothing short of evil. This state is one of the four colonies that drove the American Revolution (MA, CT, VA. SC) and the license plates have the legend “Constitution State”. There are small, inland towns that are still genuine America but the larger cities and along the coast are scum, yuppie scum, Kharzarian mafia and illegal aliens. In my lifetime CT has traditional had only one Senator – the other one represented the state of Israel.

  12. The river towns still have some life in them, and the state has little sanctuaries in the NW and NE. But the hijab is becoming ever more visible here and the corporations are frantically peddling the diversity/inclusion line. The churches are all infected with “refugee resettlement.” There are courageous patriots in Connecticut, however, and they are trying to salvage the state. Some will never leave. We have them to thank for holding the fort against shifting sands.

    Haven’t heard much about Lieberman lately, whom you reference, except for his slavering over McCain. What a scoundrel.

  13. In 1979 a Norwegian parliamentary directive was issued by then prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, one of the biggest traitors of modern times. In case anyone is still in doubt, the transformation of western nations is no accident. The directive is extensive so I translated just a few pertinent points.

    Om innvandrere i Norge : innledning og sammendrag fra Stortingsmelding 74(1979-80)
    Migration to Norway: Introduction and summary of Parliamentary Announcement # 74 (1979-80).
    Author Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland
    (former Norwegian PM and holder of several other public offices)

    To make the translation of a long document short, Dr. Brundtland suggests remaking Norway from a homogeneous nation to a multicultural one. She outlined a detailed plan how this can be done as painless as possible. They’ll start with campaigns in schools, sports clubs and other after school activities to make youngsters accept the transformation of Norway. Dr. Brundtland writes: The adult population is prejudiced. The future is with the children and how they can be indoctrinated.

    This parliamentary announcement laid groundwork for the country’s development from 1979 to present day. The good doctor states that complaints against newcomers who arrived in Norway prior to 1979 were due to ignorance, misleading information and misunderstanding.

    Here are a few short excerpts of her announcement:
    • Central authorities are responsible for discouraging discrimination and racism among the native Norwegian population.
    • Often discrimination is the result of confused feelings and fear of the unknown, as well as the need for scapegoats in times of hardship and lack of adequate housing.
    • During such times it is important to develop methods that successfully penetrate mental barriers.
    • Concrete steps towards changes need to be taken in local neighborhoods, be it a city apartment building, villages or population at large.
    • Central authorities and politicians must at all times influence mass media, such as TV and radio, to create programs and campaigns that enlighten the audience.
    • This can be done at various levels, but bringing to the forefront the many problems newcomers bring, is not recommended.
    • The importance of indoctrination increases, especially when the second generation of newcomers are established. It is important that discrimination and racism be avoided at all costs.
    • To penetrate the native Norwegian mindset, information is the key word. Tolerance is not a trait we are born with.
    • It is vital with massive efforts, such as economic and other resources, to control the outcome of the multicultural society we have embarked on.

    Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, besides being a protégé of Henry Kissinger, has been a busy beaver all her life. Here is another example – her hand in the original UN Agenda 21:

    Framing Sustainable Development – the United Nations
    “Sustainable development – defined by the Brundtland Commission as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of … Climate Change, Principles of Forest Management, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and Agenda. 21, which required countries to draw up a …”

    • “Indoctrination” says it all, Anne. Same noun used by John Dewey, I believe, in reference to pedagogy!

      • Former PM and Bilderberg attendee Gro Harlem Brundtland is no doubt very familiar with John Dewey, she being a Harvard graduate. Who knows, he may even be her idol.

        It is reported that on 7/22/11 Brundtland’s speech to the labor party youth group was the main highlight of the camp on the tiny island, attended by some 500 youngsters. She had just left by ferry when one Anders Behring Breivik arrived. There are at least three look-alike Breiviks so we can’t be sure which one started the alleged shooting.

        Then PM Jens Stoltenberg (fellow Bilderbeg attendee) attained status of folk hero for his handling of the aftermath. Yes, the creep handled the cover up extremely well. His reward was the position as Secretary General of NATO where he currently delights in stirring up trouble with the Russian Bear.

        Brundtland’s access to the labor party youth is now showing the fruits of her indoctrination. Labor party youngsters are found in several official positions wrecking havoc with their nation.

        One intelligent man, Yuri Bezmenov, used two words to describe indoctrination: ideological subversion.
        Bezmenov says here that there are four components to the ideological subversion of a nation:
        • Demoralization
        • Destabilization
        • Crisis
        • Normalization
        Where are we now? Have we reached the new normal yet?

        • “Ideological subversion” = pedagogy. Remember Newt Gingrich and his little “method guide” about choosing one’s words with care? Sounds like your Brundtland’s message was remarkably similar. Funny how that works. Why, its almost as if these “leaders” received the same marching orders from……..someone.

          Three Breiviks (at a minimum). That’s timely as I just read a piece on the Aurora shooter. It’s claimed that he is at a “secret” ultra-maximum security prison, although he doesn’t show up on any of the registries. They say that it is normal to be secretive with the identification of certain prisoners but it is unheard of to not have their location on the register.

          I think that Canasta circle with Babs Olsen and Ken Lay just keeps growing and growing. I don’t know what one does with three Breiviks. He reminds me a little of that special “friend” of Sparky’s, Gluckert.

          You are certainly correct about “poking the Bear”. From what I’ve read it looks like they’ve laid in enough supplies to keep them going for some time in the event that the Bear bites back.

  14. I’d say we’re at a Communi-zation and Islamici-zation crisis point, Anne. Thanks for this chilling reminder that what’s happening in Connecticut is happening all over the world. The Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers and other elite conspirators have made sure of that via (among other things) the textbooks, the mainstream press, immigration and “democracy.” All in order to lurch toward a one-world government system.


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