Recipe for Pork Chops with Carmelized Onions

Ingredients:  Assorted Pork Chops (6-8), 2 tbsp. of canola oil, 2 tbsp. of butter; Rub=2 tbsp. of paprika, 1 tbsp. of garlic powder; 1 tbsp. of onion powder; 2 tsp.of salt; 1 tbsp. of ground black pepper; 2 tbsp. of brown sugar; 5 diced onions and salt and ground black pepper to taste.
Prepare the rub and mix it well.  Then, rub the “Rub” on both sides of each pork chop.  Let the pork chops sit for about 30 minutes.  Heat the oil and butter to a medium level.  Brown each chop then in the oil and butter on each side.  Set the browned pork chops in a baking dish.  Bake the pork chops for 45 minutes at 325 degrees.
Brown the onions in the drippings at a slow and low heat untilt hey are “carmelized.”  This will take about 45 minutes.  This carmelization process brings all of the wonderful flavor out of the onions and they are delicious.  (My mom used to make me carmelized onion sandwiches when I was a little girl.  They were to die for!)
After the pork chops have been baked, take them out of the oven and let them sit for about 20 minutes.  Serve the onions over the pork chops.
This  meal is really delicious and inexpensive.  I buy assorted chops.  You don’t have to invest in expensive thick, center-cut chops.  Because of this cooking process, they are extremely flavorful and tender.  And, I use sweet onions because they are plentiful where I live.
Enjoy!  You can serve this entree’ with mashed potatoes which is particularly delicious with a healthy garden salad.  I can serve 4-6 people with this meal.  You can take any leftover pork and make pork chow mein.  My husband loves this leftover!
Now, enjoy your meal with your family and/or friends, but first, please say “Grace” and thank God for all of his wonderful blessings and for this meal!
Love to You!

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Cathy Gardino
7 years ago

Sounds delicious! I’ll try it…Thanks!

7 years ago

Yum! Thanks Joan!

7 years ago

What a coincidence – Publix just happens to have center-cut rib chops on sale this week (my favorite), so I think I’ll give this one a try.
LOL – I will have to make one change, though, and that will be those luscious chops will be slow-cooked with indirect charcoal on one of my Webers. 😀
Think I’ll whip up a batch of my killer roasted garlic mashed taters and some steamed whole green beans to go with it.
I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
7 years ago
Reply to  Dave

I’m getting hungry just reading about it. LOL

7 years ago

Thanks for the recipe! I’m going to save this one.

7 years ago

I have chops in the fridge for tonight….now I actually have something to do to them! Thanks Joan!
BTW…can we have the pork chow mein recipe too? I’ve been craving Asian this whole pregnancy and chow mein is one thing I have never made! YUMMM!!!!

7 years ago

We have fresh sweet corn right now so I think I will add that to Dave’s meal plan above! Thanks Dave! 😀

7 years ago

this is killing me… DOMC (drooling on my computer) 🙂
I bet I’ll be dreaming about these . I got some sweet corn
to roast in the shuck while at the grocery…but hadn’t planned
on the butcher’s until Saturday when I visit my youngest…
he loves to grill and i’ll get some chops and Vidallias…mmmm.
a cucumber ,onion and tomato salad …mmmmm mmmm.

7 years ago

Oh yea but remember to brine the pork chops first, also works well with chicken. For ideals on brining check out Alton Brown on the Food Network. Makes a world of difference on how juicy they are. Bone in chops are even better… I know, grill them year around…

Caroline Niven-Roy
7 years ago

Mmmmmm good…