Reason #999 why I don't fly

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0 responses to “Reason #999 why I don't fly

  1. Actually, I think that’s a pretty funny slap at the TSA gropers.

    • He’s been photographed, often, before. Got nothing to do with the TSA. He’s a transvestite and an exhibitionist.

      • Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww!
        Well, I don’t have to worry about encountering this sick freakazoid, as I haven’t flown commercially since before 9/11.
        And I probably never will again.

  2. You got that right.

  3. Eye bleach alert!

  4. edward oleander

    If he’s trying to be funny, I’ll give him a C- and let it go. If he’s trying to make a militant statement, I’ll support him with slightly more enthusiasm than Michael Haley, but that really pushes the Good Taste boundary of Free Expression…
    If it REALLY pisses off the TSA folks, I think he should get a B- instead, because pushing the TSA’s buttons is a good exercise of Free Speech any day of the week. Bunch of self-loathing , ex-schoolyard bullies who failed their attempt at taking Law Enforcement 101 at Vo-Tech.

  5. Now Dolly, retract your nails…pffft!!

  6. I wouldn’t be able to control my hysterical laughter…

  7. My husband says we’ll visit overseas when they build a bridge! To avoid all the wack jobs!…

  8. Oh but @Cathy Gardino, didn’t’ja know? The TSA are putting up checkpoints at trains and bus stations, (we prolly all knew that) but I’m getting some rather frequent rumblings of checkpoints NOWHERE NEAR any borders – except for state borders – w/ all the same scanning stuff and all. (I dunno tho, it’ll REALLY back traffic up if they have to feel up every person riding on that highway/whatever.). Think of how much radiation those poor truck drivers will endure! Getting kinda scary and I read a few articles this evening on a “cash-less society” that makes me wonder how long I’ll live w/o meds once I refuse their mark of the beast? My husband too! That truly scares me the worst. He’s diabetic and his heart too. Me? I’m just crazy! (Well and a few more things, but they won’t kill me, a least not directly! LOL)


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