Really cool cat

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Give this dude a pair of Rayban shades! LOL

See that red sign above the cool cat’s head? The photo must have been taken in Turkey because Onur Kebap is a restaurant in Adana, Turkey.
H/t BuzzFeed

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0 responses to “Really cool cat

  1. That is one groovy dude…

  2. A kitty with attitude!

  3. I’ve seen dogs sit that way, but never a cat. I may have to steal that photo!

  4. Very cooool!!!!! He knows he is cool too – that face! Thank you Dr.Eowyn, you cool lady!

  5. lowtechgrannie

    What a pose!

  6. LOL – The only thing missing is a glass of 16yo single malt scotch. 🙂

  7. Ya Dave or a beer…
    I remember when I was milking the cow that the cats would line up on the other side and I would spray them with milk. They loved it…

  8. I LOVE cats (have one myself now and have had others) and I KNEW they were cool. But I never DREAMED that they were THIS COOL!! Too funny! 🙂

  9. Onur Kedap is a common designation. Based on the phone number, this restaurant appears to be in Istanbul.


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