Real Liberal Feminism: Abusing Women No Worse than Breaking Furniture

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**Update at bottom: original audio of interview added.
Pictured below is Rihanna, a successful young woman who has made herself a career in pop music. In 2009, when she was just 20 years old, her boyfriend, rapper Chris Brown, violently beat her during an argument and left her bruised and bloody on the side of the road.

image courtesy In Style magazine

The couple broke up amid a very public court drama. Rihanna secured a restraining order. Chris Brown was disinvited from singing gigs and lost endorsement deals. So bad was the abuse that Brown was forced to plead guilty to felony assault.
But two years later, Brown has suffered virtually no further consequence. He still has a record deal, still considers himself a rock star, and still gets cushy interviews on network morning shows.
Last week, Brown was invited on Good Morning America to promote his new album. During the interview, host Robin Roberts – to her credit – couldn’t get past how a guy with a felony assault conviction was singing on her stage. She pressed Brown to talk about Rihanna.
Like the spoiled brat he is, Brown grew visibly annoyed, and after the segment he destroyed his dressing room backstage. ABC producers walked in the room to find a window smashed. They decided not to press charges because…wait for it… that would get him in trouble with his probation officer.
You cannot make this stuff up. Several news outlets reported the episode with a certain amount of disgust at Brown’s behavior.
But wait, it gets worse. Liberal Feminist Extraordinaire Rosie O’Donnell decided complain about this injustice on her radio show. Because prime time exposure on a network morning show to promote a record label project is apparently far too great a punishment.
Observe the true face of progressive feminism:

I can name twenty-five stars who trash dressing rooms, who trash hotel rooms. I just don’t know why this kid seems to be held to a different standard than anyone else.

This is just a shot in the dark, but maybe people are more concerned about Rihanna than the dressing room incident.
O’Donnell and Barber went on to theorize that the only reason women hate Brown so much is because of racism. Don’t you see the logic? Let’s go over it again.
Mick Jagger trashes a hotel room and gets away with it. Chris Brown punches his girlfriend in the face – and then trashes a dressing room – and does not get away with it. Racism is obviously the deciding factor.
Young ladies reading this, observe what progressives really think about you. This is who they are. Agenda comes before everything to them, so when you get in the way they will push you aside.
People like Rosie O’Donnell do not see Rihanna as a beautiful young woman. They see her as a piece of furniture only useful when she’s not in the way.
If you have a strong stomach, the rest of the audio is below (hat/tip Radio Equalizer).

Update – Good Morning America, probably in an effort to show their side of the story, released footage of the offending interview. Watch and judge for yourself if Robin Roberts actually treated him like a thug.


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0 responses to “Real Liberal Feminism: Abusing Women No Worse than Breaking Furniture

  1. Oppression from The Man made him hit Rhianna, too.

  2. This is a nonevent in today’s liberal social culture. Men who beat women are generally frowned upon and locked away for a spell if they are just your average blue-collar with poor manners and no ability to hold a relationship. But when the female is a star or if the male is a star or especially when both are stars, there is very little penalty.
    And it’s not just limited to domestic abuse or Hollywood. One look passed Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and you’ll find Ben Rothlisberger , who is likely guilty of at least one rape.
    And all of this is, of course, just one more dividing line between the left and right. Liberals love stars because they they are often obscene and anti-establishment… which they call ‘progressive’.
    On the other side, conservatives hammer them on issues of personal character and individual responsibility despite their status.
    In the end, a slimeball is a slimeball because they smell bad.

    • Candance Moore

      A few weeks ago right after the superbowl, I was listening to the local Christian radio station. After they played a song from Toby McKeehan, the DJ started gushing about how Toby was good personal friends with Ben Roethlisberger.
      I had to restrain myself from calling into the station and remarking that he didn’t seem to be much of a positive influence.


  3. A few weeks ago right after the superbowl, I was listening to the local Christian radio station. After they played a song from Toby McKeehan, the DJ started gushing about how Toby was good personal friends with Ben Roethlisberger.
    I had to restrain myself from calling into the station and remarking that he didn’t seem to be much of a positive influence.

    I am absolutely sure that millions… 10s of millions even, can identify with what you just said.
    We have arrived at a moment where our nation, our national culture and our future is at stake. Speaking out is not only what we want to do… but I am certain that the likes of Thomas Jefferson would say that it is our most solemn duty.
    This is why I am here at this great website, talking to you 🙂
    I think we should take something from the progressives/liberals that was never really theres to begin with.
    I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s… I had the heart of a liberal then and played my part in those things that helped create civil rights and the end of so many wrongs.
    But now, as an older and somewhat wiser man, I have a brain and I am a conservative.
    ‘Right On!’ belongs to us now!

    • Candance Moore

      I really do think part of that process is discussing things like Chris Brown. Progressives condemn their own selves with their actions every day, but sadly conservatives tend to ignore it.
      One of the ways I judge whether or not to follow a blogger is the way they treat people in the media. When someone takes an elitist tone saying “I don’t know who Rihanna is and I don’t care about her problems,” that shows me they have no interest in getting in the trenches.

  4. Candance Moore

    If Rihanna hadn’t been a naive teenager – or if she had better people at her label mentoring her – she would have known Chris Brown was deranged long before that incident. He’s the one who wrote Disturbia.
    You are right, this all ties in with the progressive goal to eliminate moral standards in favor of political standards. And just like seeing what Disney did to Miley Cyrus, these media companies surround young girls with “caretakers” who give them all kinds of bad advice.

  5. Leaving aside the fact that Rihanna is a woman -and I know that is a focal point of this thread- the reality is that this Brown kid has problems coping with his own anger. You don’t hit someone weaker than you out of self-defense, you do it because you’re angry. You don’t break up a dressing room after an interview goes in a direction you were not comfortable with because you’re unhappy, you do it because you’re angry. And you do these things in this manner because A: you haven’t matured enough to comprehend the wrongness of the acts, and B: people keep excusing the acts.
    The issue here is that Brown has yet to learn how to deal with those anger issues, and further incidents aren’t only possible, they’re likely. I just hope that the next thing to get destroyed isn’t another young woman.
    Oh. And Rosie’s a dolt.

    • Candance Moore

      Indeed. While it’s never acceptable to destroy someone’s property, the circumstances around it do make a difference. It’s one thing to accidentally break something when you’re drunk – it’s another thing to break a window in broad daylight because you can’t control your temper.
      ABC invites him on to promote his new album, and that’s how he thanks them.

  6. Spoiled brats all of these men. Hollyweird has no standards.
    And progressives will take advantage of any situation in the name of their race agenda, IMO.

  7. There is absolutely no logic in what Rosie O’Donnell said. I think this woman is suffering from the same disease as most liberals, swiss cheese brain.


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