Reagan Was Right All Along

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Ronald Reagan promoted a missile defense system to protect the people of the United States. He was ridiculed and his project labeled “Star Wars.” Now we see Israel using that same system to protect itself. As a result, thousands of lives have been saved.
Reagan warned us about socialized medicine. Now we have it, courtesy of a fraudulently elected Communist president.
Reagan warned us of a Communist invasion from south of the border. Now we have that too, engineered by the same fraudulently elected Communist president.
Reagan warned us that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. How quickly most Americans have forgotten.
God bless Ronald Reagan.

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  1. Sadly,we’ll never have another man in charge like Ronald Reagan,but there ARE a few men that I think understand,and stand with,Reagan’s principles,and who will give their all to bring back the America we were fortunate enough to have back then. All we have to do is find a way to get a fair,LEGAL Election.

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  3. Sadly, someone is looking back at Regan and the border with rose colored glasses on. Reagan had many great qualities. His border legacy is NOT one of them. He granted amnesty to millions without securing the border. If Reagan or any President and Congress after him had secured our borders like they should have, we would not be in this mess today. God help us!

  4. traildustfotm

    Thanks for this great reminder, Mike.


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