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Sodom Road Signs

Would you buy a house on this road?

We sometimes drive past this location in beautiful Westport, Massachusetts. When I see it I chuckle, sometimes make a remark, and generally bore the other people in the car with my attempted humor.

But think about it. If there was a beautiful house and property for sale here, with an amazingly affordable price, would you overlook some misgivings about the implications, and snatch it up? Before you say, “Of course! I’m no idiot,” consider someone else who did exactly that. (Genesis 19)

Abraham’s relative, Lot, did something similar. He and Abraham had greatly prospered, so much so that they needed to go separate ways in order to not crowd each other. Lot requested the land near Sodom because it was better than the land Abraham was on. Abraham said said okay, and they split up.

Sweet deal! Great land! Lots of room! And for a low price!

But certain things were not right with this place. It was filled with people who were so violent, murderous and perverted that no stranger could pass through in safety. So bad in fact that God sent 3 angels to get Lot out so they could deal with the monsters who lived there. They extracted Lot and his family, and rained fire and sulfur on Sodom, leaving nothing alive.

So my question is, “When you are living on Sodom Road, do you feel okay about the presence of an Angel Shop and good deals on Firewood?”

Sodom Road Signs

Just asking…


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16 responses to “Read The Signs

  1. Good grief Traildust, those are some bizarre coinky-dinks. I wouldn’t live there for anything.

  2. What would provoke Westport, Massachusetts to name a road “Sodom”? Do they have a Gomorrah Rd. as well? Are the members of Westport’s city council gay sodomites?

  3. Ahh…the glorious people’s republik of Massachusetts and the Massholes.
    Attention migrants this street will welcome you with open arms and the true believer comrades will be happy to house and feed you free of charge.
    Forward! Yes we can!

    • The generous and wealthy residents of Westport will divert the caravan to nearby Fall River and New Bedford.

      Massholes!” I first heard that insult when working out of state in 1990. It got my attention. Then I thought about it, unclenched my right fist, and recognized they had a point.

      • Grew up going to events on at the Holy Ghost Club. Fall River my hometown, let me axe you a question. LOL Awesome your post was read the sign and I saw Westport, MA. Unbelievably small world.

    • No, no! I rather see it burned down than the invaders taking over it!!!!

    • Funny! Massholes! I got a friend lives 1 state over, he says the same. He hates driving there.

  4. Believe it or not, sodom is a family name in Mississippi. It’s possible someone with that surname migrated to Massachusetts and named the road after their family if the family bought a large tract of land and over the years the land was subdivided. Still weird though

  5. Hard pass…

  6. You’re right on point.

  7. If you go right there’s a ‘Stairway to Heaven’.
    If you go left there’s the ‘Highway to Hell’.
    Guess that says something about the traffic expected.

  8. In Glenwood, IL (a south suburb of Chicago), there’s an intersection of Gay Ct, and Rainbow Dr.

    I’m not making this up. It should be in the middle in the link.,-87.6361283,17z

    The first time I was in the area for work, over a decade ago, I saw this and busted out laughing, because our then-manager was gay, and an asshole to boot, so he was regularly goofed on behind his back (because he was an asshole, but it’s easier to goof on gays).

    The intersection became the source of some vicious but funny workplace humor.

  9. This reminds me of the old joke: “What do you think of Flushing, New York? Answer: I think it’s a great idea!”


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