Reaction to Obama's ISIL counterterrorism policy speech

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Critical views on the POS’s policy regarding the jihadist Islamic State include:
1. Derision at his calling the ISLAMIC STATE neither Islamic nor a state. Just as medical doctors can’t hope to cure an illness if they can’t even properly name it, how is America to defeat IS if the Obama administration can’t even properly identify what it is?
2. Obama’s arrogance in saying, once again, he’ll do it alone with or without Congress.
3. Pointing out that Obama, once again, ignored U.S. military leaders’ expert judgment, this time on the futility of air strikes on IS without ground troops.
4. Pointing out that there is no “coalition” behind Obama’s new policy — not from our European allies, nor from any of the Arabic states. Notice the total silence emanating from Egypt.
The above 1-4 mean certain failure for the POS’s announced strategy in dealing with the Islamic State. That in turn means (a) More millions of taxpayer dollars spent on air strikes will be wasted; and (b) IS’s slaughter and persecution of Christians in Iraq and Syria will continue.
The one exception from the critical analyses is David Brooks of the New York Times and PBS News Hour pundit. Obsequious Brooks actually compared Obama to Moses. It would be funny if Brooks isn’t such a revolting brown-noser. That this man is still given credibility and prestige is a sad commentary on the media and the gullibility of the American people.

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0 responses to “Reaction to Obama's ISIL counterterrorism policy speech

  1. Many people have long ago quit believing that Obama has our best interests in mind or that he will ever tell the truth on ANYTHING. The air time he eats up with his BS speeches is a total waste for everyone involved.

  2. Fore!

  3. This fraud is going to do exactly zilch.
    -And everybody knows it – especially our potential allies.

  4. Subtle propaganda at work…ISIS is not referred to in POTUS speech last week. That says more than Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama said with words.

  5. Not surprising. He’s one of them!


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