Rats! ABC hunts for homophobes in Texas, but fails

Have you ever watched ABC’s “What Would You Do?”? — the network’s hidden-camera gotcha journalism, anchored by John Quinones (below)?

John QuinonesOn June 14, 2013, ABC chose for its sting operation the humble folks of Amarillo, Texas  — what Quinones smugly referred to as “cowboy country” (Read: “redneck bigots”).

As described by John Nolte for Breitbart.com:

ABC News displays its own kind of bigotry by setting up their hidden cameras at a famous steakhouse in Amarillo, Texas, to hunt for homophobes. Three child actors dressed as Boy Scouts sit at a community table. One comes out to his friends as gay, and ABC News is there to capture the Southern-fried bigotry.

Except, all they find is loving Christianity:

A kind-faced woman (below) gently says to the three pretend Boy Scouts: “Listen, Christians don’t hate the sinner. We just don’t like the sin. But Christians still love ya.” Then she reminds the three actors that even though we sin, “you can ask for forgiveness,” and that the Bible says “Men shall not lay with men.”

WhatWouldYouDo1The cowboy sitting next to her tells the three pretenders: “There’s a lot of good Christians in this world that will help you out with stuff like that though.”

The kind lady then reassures the “coming out” faux Boy Scout, “If you do end up accepting it and doing that, there will be people that will accept you no matter what.”


As Nolte points out:

“What Would You Do?”[…] is probably the most appalling kind of gotcha journalism allowed to broadcast these days. The segments are almost always politically correct (race, homophobia, Muslims, bullying, smoking ), but the targets are not the powerful; the targets instead are everyday American citizens.

It is Candid Camera for smug, sanctimonious, left-wing elitists — Borat for The Awful.

If anchor John Quinones had even a hint of moral courage, he would turn that hidden camera on his colleagues who work in the powerful world of media. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what the media would do in certain situations involving conservatives, Christianity, Barack Obama, oh, and Southerners?

But Quinones isn’t about afflicting the comfortable; he is a bullying cultural enforcer targeting the powerless.


p style=”padding-left:30px;”>And remember, when James O’Keefe does this exact sort of the thing to The Powerful, he is pummeled by the media and is then put out of business by our government during all of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

H/t FOTM’s Stephanie O.


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Next ABC will do a hidden expose on Mosques!

No. Not really.


Quinones is really looking for gringos to hate.. LOL Witch hunts by mother””””” like him really irk the heck out of me. But the main stream media looks for anything they can in their depraved zeal for the smell of scandalous news


Dr. E, I have a real problem with the PC, Media, Homosexuals hijacking language purely from the linguistics point of view to serve their narrative. Being homosexual is a choice, being homosexual is not ‘gay’ it is queer or rather homosexual. Here is a video I think lays it out well…..


Correction, sodomy is a choice, being a sodomite is not ‘gay’ it is queer or rather a sodomite.


Always Bull Crap…


The suffix phobia implies that there is an unnatural fear of something. If one fears homosexual behavior it is my opinion that that fear is NOT necessarly unnatural. Additionally, most folks that disagree with homosexual behavior are not afraid of that behavior, but are instead disgusted by it. I would say that people that practice homosexual behavior are HETEROPHOBIC.I also believe that there folks out there that have homosexual thoughts but CHOOSE not to act on them.


I am about sick of this racist puke of a democrat hack John Quinones pulling this crap all the time.

If he was really looking for a homophobe, why didn’t he just go see Alec Baldwin?



Personally I think all this should be stuffed back in the closet. I’m tired of it – the sex, the rainbow, the weird being the new normal, etc. What happened to just growing up, getting married, having children so the race (oops!) can continue, etc. My dear grandmother had fits when the KY fried chicken ad was on (late 1950s) – “Finger-lickin’ good” used to send her into orbit. Wow, she should come back and see what’s going on now!