Rats Abandon Democrat Sinking Ship

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The new year is beginning with a BANG!
Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, three Democrats announced today they will not seek reelection. They are:

  1. Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut), whom Judicial Watch identified as one of the ten most corrupt politicians in 2009, is quitting because plummeting poll numbers indicate he’s not likely to succeed at winning a 6th term in office. (H/t bkeyser!)
  2. Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota), a “moderate” Democrat in a Republican-leaning state, says he “has other interests to pursue.”
  3. Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, considered to be a rising star within the Democratic Party, says he “needs to spend more time with his family.”

According to Washington Times, five other DemoRats are vulnerable in their reelection bids and are trailing Republicans in states where Obama and ObamaCare are increasingly unpopular. Among the five are Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas.
My only regret is that Dodd, Dorgan, and others of their ilk will be collecting handsome pensions until they meet their Maker for their final judgment.
Upwards and onwards to November 2010!
~Eowyn & Steve

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3 responses to “Rats Abandon Democrat Sinking Ship

  1. Winston Churchill once referred to a political opponent as being “like a rat swimming out TO a sinking ship”
    So I guess that would infer that Dodd, Dorgan & Ritter must have a little more thought capacity than the one Churchill referred to.
    But, if what the politburo has done so far has (indirectly)caused D,D&R to jump, what can be said of those who stay? And what of those who berate BHO for not going all the way ” like he promised” ?
    Winston also said the guy was “the thin end of something exceedingly thick indeed” Now, perhaps that comment could really be applied to a certain lib who told people they should vote for him because he was a “born-again” christian but then presided over the introduction of the slaughter of the innocents (abortion-on-demand) Of course, he now openly sides with the descendents of Herod’s people, to slaughter more of God’s people.
    Yes, Carter was the thin end of the wedge toppling this nation, but BHO (who also said he is a christian) is the thick end, and is using every battering ram he can to push it in.
    It took a lot of planning and lies to get BHO into the Oval, but his posse (masters) have over-reached and hopefully will continue pushing him into a hole and stomping on him.
    He will not be a 2-term president. 2010 may even make him a 1/2-termer.

    • Well said, Paul! Indeed, there is an albeit VERY slim chance BHO will be a 1/2 term prez. It all depends on the courts, we’ll leave it at that…. 😉

  2. Excellent analysis Paul! You have reminded us that we can still have leaders like the evil King Herod in spite of our alleged “enlightened” status!


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