Ratings of Charities for U.S. Veterans

If you’re like me, you must have received those heart-rending appeals for donation from the Paralyzed Veterans of America. In fact, I’ve donated to PVOA for years. Today, I decided to look them up. To my shock, PVOA has an “F” rating!
Not every veterans charity is legit or honest. Too many spend most of their donated money on administrative costs and bloated salaries, instead of on America’s veterans. Here’s a useful ratings list for veterans charities to guide us in our generosity.

Veterans Charities Ratings

The American Institute of Philanthropy recently released a report rating various veterans charities on how well they support the causes they were created to support.
We were surprised at some of the ratings in this report; not at others. Before you donate your hard-earned dollars to any charitable organization, check it out to see how much of its revenues actually go to support its charitable purpose, and how much goes to administrative expenses, salaries, and fundraising. You may be surprised!
Letter grades were based largely on the charities’ fundraising costs and the percentage of money raised that was spent on its charitable activities.
The charities that received failing grades are in red type.
The charities that received grades of A or better are in bold blue type.
Here are the December 2007 veterans charities ratings, by the AIP:

Veterans Charities Ratings

 Air Force Aid Society (A+)
American Ex-Prisoners of War Service Foundation (F)
American Veterans Coalition (F)
American Veterans Relief Foundation (F)
AMVETS National Service Foundation (F)
Armed Services YMCA of the USA (A-)
Army Emergency Relief (A+)
Blinded Veterans Association (D)
Coalition to Support America’s Heroes (F)
Disabled American Veterans (D)
Disabled Veterans Association (F)
(Notice the similarity of the name to Disabled American Veterans)
Fisher House Foundation (A+)
Freedom Alliance (F)
Help Hospitalized Veterans/Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes (F)
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (A+)
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation (F)
National Military Family Association (A)
National Veterans Services Fund (F)
National Vietnam Veterans Committee (D)
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (A+)
NCOA National Defense Foundation (F)
Paralyzed Veterans of America (F)
Soldiers’ Angels (D)
United Spinal Association’s Wounded Warrior Project (D)*
     * See update on Wounded Warrior Project
USO (United Service Organization) (C+)
Veterans of Foreign Wars and Foundation (C-)
Veterans of the Vietnam War & the Veterans Coalition (D)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (D)
VietNow National Headquarters (F)
World War II Veterans Committee (D)

Read the complete AIP veterans charity watchdog report and veterans charities ratings.
Do you have questions about specific veterans charities?
First, check the list of veterans charities reviewed by Military-Money-Matters.com. If the charity you’re interested in is not listed there, then check the references listed below the stars & stripes bar to look up information.
If you can’t find the answer to your question in any of those sources, ask your questions about specific veterans charities. For ease of answering your questions, please make a separate submission for each different charity you wish to inquire about, and make the title of your submission the name of the charity. Thanks.
Also see:
Some Veterans Charities Falling Short.
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Veterans Charities Ratings Explained.

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9 years ago

That is disappointing about PVOA…I’ve donated to them before as well.
As for Soldiers’ Angels, that’s not a good grade. I participate with them but adopt a soldier – sending him weekly letters and monthly care packages. That seems to be the way to go instead of sending them money directly…

9 years ago

That is disappointing about PVOA….I participate w/Soldiers’s Angels. Not happy w/their D rating…yet I adopt a soldier – send him weekly ltrs and monthly care packages. At least I know my time/effort goes directly to the soldier that way.

9 years ago

This is very disappointing! However, thank you Eowyn for giving us this information so that we can behave accordingly!

American Institute of Philanthropy

This blog includes rating information from the American Institute of Philanthropy which is three years old. A link above claims to lead to AIP’s complete Charity Rating Guide & Watchdog Report, goes instead to AIP president Daniel Borochoff’s congressional testimony regarding veterans charities. Please visit http://www.charitywatch.org for more up to date charity rating information from the American Institute of Philanthropy, and to find out how to receive a copy of the Charity Rating Guide & Watchdog Report.

9 years ago

I am receiving letters from veterans and their families to send money:
Phil Lakin c/o Terry Lakin Action Fund, Washington DC. Claims Phil is in Leavenworth prison for refusing an order from Obama.
What do you suggest?


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