Ratings may sink Ronan Farrow’s show on MSNBC

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Shocker, another "journalist" failing at MSNBC...

Shocker, another “journalist” failing at MSNBC…

NY Daily News: Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC talk show is facing cancellation amid poor ratings, sources exclusively tell Confidenti@l.

Farrow, 28 — the opinionated, blue-eyed son of actress Mia Farrow and either Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra (even Farrow’s not sure which) has been a disaster for MSNBC. The channel took the frequent cable-show guest and handed him his own program, “Ronan Farrow Daily,” which premiered in late February.

“He sort of stinks on TV,” an MSNBC source told Confidenti@l. “He hasn’t turned out to be the superstar they were hoping for.”

The theory was that Farrow, a Rhodes scholar who graduated college when he was 15 and went on to score degrees from Yale and Oxford, would bring his 245,000 Twitter followers with him to television. “But that hasn’t happened,” the source said. “Just because someone is a boy genius-turned-Twitter star doesn’t mean they deserve their own TV show.”

Last Wednesday, Farrow drew an average of about 312,000 total viewers, which might be stellar for Twitter but “is rather measly for someone who is supposed to be a major national personality,” another source said.

Even worse: Wednesday’s show was 708th among all programming ranked by Nielsen, in both total viewers and the 18-to-49 age group advertisers covet. The midnight airing of “Baggage” on the Game Show Network came in ahead of it, at No. 707, and the 8 a.m. “Golden Girls” on the Hallmark Channel (No. 700) crushed it.

Farrow, who has also worked for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Obama administration, has looked uncomfortable on camera and often stumbles over his words. His lack of TV experience was especially apparent last week during an appearance on NBC’s “Today” in which he seemed to have trouble linking sentences.

A source defending him said: “Half the time Ronan has been on the air, the missing plane has dominated daytime TV.”

Farrow is just the latest fiasco for MSNBC, following Keith Olbermann’s exit and the cancellation of Alec Baldwin’s talk show after his use of a homophobic slur during a run-in with a photographer.

In what may be a revealing slip, Farrow tweeted Sunday: “Waking up to another crushing day of not being Oprah.”

A rep for MSNBC issued a statement similar to what the network said before canceling Baldwin’s show: “This is simply not true. We’re happy with the debut of ‘Ronan Farrow Daily’ and the show’s progress this first month. MSNBC will continue to support Ronan and his team as they develop and grow the program.”

A rep for Farrow declined to comment.



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0 responses to “Ratings may sink Ronan Farrow’s show on MSNBC

  1. Farrow was awarded the prestigious Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism after a grand total of three hours on MSNBC. Reminds you of anyone? (Hint: Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after mere months as president.)

    Watch for yourself the cringe-worthy recipient of the Award for Excellence in Journalism:

  2. Are ya kidding me?????????????? This is actually painful to watch!

    • In 2009, Hillary Clinton brought 22-year-old boy wonder Ronan into the State Department as Special Adviser for Humanitarian and NGO Affairs in the Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

      • I would say that Ronan got all these opportunities because he is a Rhodes Scholar. Many that are awarded as such are hand picked by TPTB and are expected to one day take some sort of power position within the organization. However, it appears that poor Ronan has turned into a dismal failure.

  3. He might have a high IQ, but he’s not very smart. Also, the sound of his voice leaves little to be desired..

    • And he threw his sister (half-sister?) under the bus by saying he didn’t believe her when she told the world about dad Woody’s abuse. It seems the whole Hollywood industry knew about it years ago…and looked the other way.

      • @Gingercake….You are right, he sided with the pedophile and the MSM and probably got that job as a result. He is getting his just desserts.

      • Actually, Ronan sided with his sister Dylan. It was Moses Farrow who publicly took Woody Allen’s side, disbelieving his sister Dylan’s accusation that Woody incested her when she was a child. When Woody and Mia Farrow were a couple, they adopted Dylan and Moses, and then supposedly had a biological child together, Ronan.


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