Ratatouille on snowboard

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Opossums are so ugly, they’re cute!
But the rat’s tail does give me the willies…. LOL


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0 responses to “Ratatouille on snowboard

  1. I hate possums, use to run the hay truck or pickup into the ditch to run over em… Beat ya again Steve…

  2. Possum’s are definitely an acquired taste…
    used to have to be quick to get the persimmons before they did.
    Ummmm….persimmon pudding….I wonder if Joan has a recipe ?

    • From what I’ve heard if ya lock them in a cage and feed them just water and a little dog food for a few days it takes out the off flavor..

  3. Cute sweater yet I’d still have to shoot one w/my bb gun if it came anywhere near my cats 🙂


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