Sightings of Michelle Obama in a swimsuit as rare as Big Foot's

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Michelle “Michael” Obama is proud of her physique, and is not shy showing it off.
In 2012, she even performed push-ups on the Ellen DeGeneris TV show.

Mooch is especially proud of her toned arms, so much so she makes sure they’re seen by displaying them in sleeveless clothing spring, summer, fall, and winter. Here she is in a sleeveless dress in the freezing cold of Washington, D.C. in December 2010, at the White House Christmas Tree ceremony and posing for the Obamas’ official Christmas card:
Christmas 2010Official holiday pic of the Obamas, before they took off for balmy Hawaii.
She also isn’t shy about showing off her legs and thighs, as in these two pics of  her in shorts:
Michelle Obama in shorts (2)
So why does Mooch shy away from being seen in a swimsuit/bikini, even though the Obamas spend every Christmas-New Year break — at great cost to taxpayers — in sunny balmy Hawaii?
Barack and the daughters would go to the beach, but not Mooch.
Obama in swim trunk
It’s not as if First Ladies are never photographed in a swimsuit. Remember this totally spontaneous [sarc] pic of Bill and Hillary Clinton in their swim wear dancing on a beach in Hawaii in 2008?
Hillary Clinton in swimsuit
I scoured the Internet for pictures of Mooch in a swimsuit.
One site claims the pic below is of Mooch in a bikini (circled yellow) and her two daughters on a taxpayer-paid vacation in Spain in August 2010:
Mooch2 in Spain
Not so.
That girl is not Mooch, as you can see in another pic taken of the trio (below):
Mooch3 in Spain
I found only ONE picture of Michelle Obama in a swimsuit — a long-distance blurry shot of her (left) and her daughters and their friends on a beach in front of the house the Obamas were renting in a suburb of Honolulu in December 2010 (source):
Michelle Obama in swimsuit
Here’s a cropped view of Mooch.
Above is the only pic of her in a swimsuit. The pic below, taken in Dec. 2008 in Hawaii, doesn’t count because she’s wearing a skirt that covers up her swimsuit from waist down.
Mooch4 in Hawaii 2008
Hmm. I wonder what she’s hiding? LOL
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0 responses to “Sightings of Michelle Obama in a swimsuit as rare as Big Foot's

  1. Since the Obama’s moved into the White House, Moochle has lost weight and toned up. At least she put her words into action, but then when you have nothing to do, no responsibilities, then you can spend hours getting fit and trim. Most of us are not so fortunate.

    • Let us not forget the over TWENTY personal assistants…then again there must be a whole lot of shaving, shoving and stuffing going on…steroids will shorten your lifespan however and add to the girth of your glutinous MAXIMUS.

    • He (Mike) also has to cover up the lack of any female HIPS too.

  2. One picture of Moochie is way too many for me. You want to talk about gagging a maggot?
    The best shot on there was the one of Bill wrestling the knife out of Hillary’s
    hand. Better luck next time Bill

  3. If her ass were any wider she’d need license plates

  4. second pic looks like the falsies were forgotten from mooch’s bra…nuttin’ but skin….

      • Notice that Michael “paints” a cleavage with dark vertical strokes of makeup between “her breasts”. This is a trick real women use to emphasize their breasts when they wear a low-cut top, and to make them look bigger than they really are. Transvestite performers use this trick also to give the illusion of having breasts. Michael has painted on a “cleavage”, wearing this green dress above and has also painted on a “cleavage”, wearing the swimsuit with the skirt wrap above. But, he made the cleavage stroke on the “swimsuit skirt wrap” photo too wide A real woman will use a makeup brush to darken her skin with makeup between her breasts, and on each side of the vertical “darkening” or “painted shadow” will be a mound of real breast. Notice on Michael’s vertical “darkening” there is no mound of breast on each side. Instead, each side is flat. In some of his photos that I have seen (not here), he has painted the vertical “shadow” too high on his chest.

  5. Son of the Rabbit People

    I’ve seen clearer pictures of Bigfoot.

  6. Do you have any photos of Capt. Willard Kurtz in trunks? The Horror… The Horror…

  7. Does she/he really stand up to pee?

  8. The image of Ellen and Mooch:
    This timeless frame illustrates a classic Liberal dilemma; not being able to decide who will be on top, so they figured out compromise.

  9. I think that sightings of our American Fat Czar boarding Airforce I are more prevalent:

  10. Thighs like a guys.

  11. Will the Mooch risk sparking a nation wide Sharia crisis in Saudi Arabia by prancing around in a dress in the presense of the new king? Will Mooch dawn the niquab? Will the Mooch merely refuse to exit Air Force One while it sits on the tarmac in the kingdom? Or has Air Force 2 been dispatched to India to fly the mooch home alone? Or will the Mooch fly with the First pooch in the pooch’s Osspry? With Barry’s impromptu visit to the kingdom the First Tranny faces a serious conundrum.

  12. It is disgusting that the obvious racist constant comments and despicable cropped pictures made up, of our first family members, Michelle and Barack Obama, are so shameful that I find it hard to imagine they were so bombarded with the sinful and horrid pictures and nasty comments that neither of the first couple are seen in public anymore. It is so sad that this country and it’s racist acceptable behavior has been so mean spirited toward the first family, especially the first American family of African descent, elected by the people of the United States, ridiculed and humiliated by a small number of an ignorant group of neanderthals who crawl from their caves just long enough to wreak havoc on those who have earned their places of power and who raised from captives to connoisseur s.

    • Racist, again? How boring. Y-A-W-N
      cat yawn
      Can’t you Obama worshippers come up with a different accusation? By the way, what does “and who raised from captives to connoisseur s” mean?

      • I know, huh? If you don’t hail them as queen and king…you are all racists! Even if you don’t like them as people…this is also racism! Criticize or expose them and they will kill you but do not DARE question anything that has anything to do with them! We have ways to silence dissent…pull the RACE card…Yeah, thats the ticket. Question the FAUX family and you are bad racist meanies! As if NO ELECTION WAS ever HI-JACKED, no pictures photoshopped, no Muslim shipped in cargo planes in the middle of the night and there was no birth certicate tampering! How dare an American citizen QUESTION those that hold their futures and the future of the free world in their slippery, greedy hands! The quasi homoislamic and his tranny wife should be worshipped not deemed bad for the Country! Now he, the lascivious potentate can refer to Sarah Palin as putting lipstick on a pig or when laughs at Scalia’s murder…but he is supreme leader! IGNORE FACTS or you will have the most DIVISIVE insult in the world hurled at you…RACISM! This can get you put in jail only second to homophobia…THE WORST EVER HATE CRIME. Treason? Nah…DO NOT EVEN THINK THAT or the thought police will come and chip you! CONFORM TO THE NEW REGIME OF LIES and IMMORALITY or else we will make you ashamed of your WHITE HUMANITY and PRIVELEDGE!

      • Apparently it means from slaves to the privileged class? It’s idiotic but thats the best I can make of it. WEIRD I guess that is some twisted success story on the backs of others where anything goes as long as you gain what you want…liars take all. I agree with scripture…what does it profit a man, or men when they gain the world and lose their souls!?

    • Darnell Henderson

      The First Lady is beautiful!

      • She is an UGLY RACIST inside and out.Very hateful racist person.She is neither classy,eloquent_,or appealing in any way.She is the antithesis of womanhood.I swear thig broad shouldered , huge handed monkey is a damn tranny .The joke is on you !

    • COGNITIVE DISSONANCE mixed with a healthy dose of IDOLATRY…not even a shrewd of racism here. Truth offends you then stay away, hide your eyes.

    • EARNED!? Michael was disbarred AND never paid back HIS student loans…BO is a complete FAKE. Fake SSI#, Fake BC and FAKE education, FAKE family…HE EVEN HAS AN ALIAS! I mean really? Evidently, in your world…criminals are never questioned…only rewarded and protected. Wasn’t Hitler elected? But again…NEVER QUESTION THE STATE
      unless, of course, they are the right politically correct COLOR.

  13. Don’t forget, RJ, they love him back in Kenya, his homeland….

  14. You are a disgrace to America what are you mad she looks better than you? I have never heard so much disrespect for a first lady in my life you should be taken out and shot or given to Isis

    • It is a federal crime, USC 18.41 Sec. 875(c), punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, to transmit any communication containing a threat to injure the person of another, via the Internet and e-mail (as well as the telephone, beepers, and other means of communication).
      You, George Wilson, has threatened to do bodily harm to me: “you should be taken out and shot or given to Isis”.
      The following information on commenter George Wilson has been turned over to law enforcement:
      IP address: (anonymized)
      E-mail address: g.wilson39@*****.com
      Home: in Evanston, Illinois
      If you doubt that LE will come after you, read this:

    • What’s the matter, First Amendment got you in a hissy fit? You should know better than to threaten us bitter clingers. Not only do we love the First Amendment, we especially love our Second one, too.

    • Ah, so Michelle gives him wood…

    • George Wilson, you crossed the line when you threatened bodily harm. The First Amendment doesn’t protect that kind of speech.

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  16. I believe she is a tranny. Perhaps their “girls” are really boys. Why tell the truth now? Obama is pushing the transgender bathroom thing hard, and I think its because of Michael’s “condition”. What fake, soul less people they are. I can’t say God help them for these are people I would not want to see in heaven.

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  18. Dead Stream News: Finally Admits Michele Obama Is Michael LaVaughn Robinson
    Shocking New Revelation about Michelle Obama – Must Read !!!
    1981 High School Football Team Photo Leaves Little Doubt that Michelle Obama Was Born Michael Robinson!!!

  19. You are all racist pieces of shit!

  20. WOW—-this is Sept. of 2016 & I can’t believe we are commenting on this…yet. But, I came to this post b/c I have, increasingly, as a teacher, had to deal with this trans-sexual issue…and I teach MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!
    This is reality, folks. This is NOW. THIS is REAL…..Now, what to “do” with it if we are employed in the public sector, but do NOT “believe” in this fairy tale (esp for the vulnerable ages of 11, 12, 13?) up for grabs. What if you are a teacher who has to issue bathroom passes? What if your kids’ counselors in Middle School inform you that the female kid prefers to be called “Johnny” but her name on your role is “Daisy” and the PARENTS have NOT been informed or consulted…or you have NEVER had a conference with them about this…and the kid is aged 11? (I refused to comply….I just used nuetral pronouns and the “given” name from my roll sheet—-NO FREAKIN’ WAY I am going to be caught between the “law” and the parents of a minor….EVEN THO’ the LAW says that, a CHILD of AGE 12 can privatelly (without parents) “choose” their sexual preference at the school venue…..) I am DAILY treading a very narrow path here…..

  21. The First Yeti’s machoness is just uncanny
    Many wonder if she could be a tranny
    Does she have the knack
    To tuck his gear back
    And carry it around in her fanny?

  22. Those who believe Moochy to be a male and using her physical build to support their notion.. must be ignorant of the physical attributes of Negro women. On average, they have broader shoulders, are more muscular, longer boned, larger hands and feet.. than the average White woman. Frankly, I have heard rumors that Venus and Serena Williams are Transsexual, too. And if a person is interested.. one can google “Michelle Obama childhood pics”… and see the Mooch as a little girl.

    • Hi, Missy,
      Since you know so much about “the physical attributes of Negro women,” please answer this question:
      Do all “Negro women” have penis bulges in their pants like Michelle, seen here dancing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show?
      Michelle Obama's penis bulge

  23. I know cameltoe.
    And THAT is NOT cameltoe.
    [gloopy, ralphing sounds.]

  24. You are a bunch of sick fucking morons. Grow up. Trashy people.

  25. Has anyone else noticed that Mike’s hands are like the same size as Obama’s? I wonder if their genitals are the same size as well… ;P

  26. All right people, out o’sight out o’mind,

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