Rare Photographs

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Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney

Michael Jackson, Francis Ford Coppola & George Lucas

The Beatles & Little Richard

Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine & Elvis Presley

Elizabeth Taylor & Diana

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi & Barrack Obama


(h/t: My friend Robyn)

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5 responses to “Rare Photographs

  1. Thanks! This was the last site I looked at before closing tonight, so it made my day.

  2. The first pictures were fun to view …and then by the time I reached and viewed the last one, I was ROFL !!! That was GREAT !!! Thankyou for sending me to sleep with some comic releif tonight !! : ) Hahahaha !!

  3. I love that last “rare photograph”, too! 😀

  4. Dennis H. Bennett

    They all eat bacon, except……………?

  5. the movie “ghostbreakers” with bob hope is on downstairs bob lands on an island off of cuba and there is a zombie on the island a guy is explaining
    to bob what a zombie is “he sort of wanders around doing nothing until someone tells him what to do” bob answers with “sort of like a democrat”
    and in this book on the civil war that i am reading abe lincoln replies to a request from mcclellan for more troops with “giving more troops to mcclellan is like shoveling flies in a barnyard” sort of similar in giving more money to the obama administration


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