Rape, strangulation and assault: Three attacks by homeless people in Seattle in less than a month

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The homeless situation in Seattle/Q13Fox photo

In November 2015 the former mayor of Seattle, homosexual Ed Murray, declared a state of emergency in Seattle due to the homelessness situation. At that time, there was an estimated 10,000 people living on the streets. Fast-forward to May 2018 and the number of homeless people has increased to over 12,100.

The city has a very lax policy in allowing the homeless to commit drug offenses. The homeless openly use and drug dealers are frequently spotted at homeless hangouts. The city even allows drug use at some homeless shelters.

Now the homeless have become more brazen with their criminal activities. No amount of tax payer dollars is going to solve the problem until Seattle officials stop coddling these individuals.

From MyNorthwest.com: Police report there’s been another assault from a man, believed to be homeless, against innocent passers-by, this time a father and his daughter walking to the Cinerama in Belltown on Father’s Day.

The unidentified victims were on their way to a screening of “The Incredibles 2” when the suspect, David Ailep, allegedly followed the pair as they walked down the sidewalk. When the female victim tried to walk away from Ailep, he said to her “why are you laughing at me” and “stop laughing at me.” She wasn’t laughing at him.

According to the police report, obtained by KTTH 770 AM, she asked Ailep to get away from her, but he refused:

“She observed that Ailep had his right hand in his pocket (she noted that it looked like was holding a knife in his hand covered by his jacket pocket) and his left hand was up and back in a striking position like he was going to hit her,” the report says. “She feared that he was going to strike her, and she decided to pull out her ASP baton from her purse to defend herself.”

The female victim screamed at him to get away from her, but he refused, grabbing both of her arms, and rattling her back and forth until he was able to take the baton from her, according to the police documents. She yelled out in pain.

At this point, her father became aware of the assault and jumped into help, tackling Ailep to the ground. While on the ground, according to the police report, Ailep swung the baton at the father, hitting him “directly on the forehead” leaving a “visible swollen laceration” from the baton strike.

After police arrived in the area of the 9-1-1 call, they spotted a suspect matching Ailep’s description. When the two officers attempted to make contact with Ailep, he sprinted away on foot and, “without any instruction given to him,” laid on the ground to be detained.

One of the officers observed Ailep to be under the influence of drugs. He said Ailep had a difficult time staying focused, and appeared frantic and “in a complete stand of delusion or delirium.”

During the interview, he made random statements to the officer like “what’s in your sink man” and “I take showers.” He repeated random statements like “easy” and “twelve, thirteen, twenty-two.” The police report claims he “appeared to be suffering from the effects of a powerful psychedelic and or stimulant narcotic…” and claimed he performed oral sex for drugs. While he claimed his pockets were empty, a search found a folding knife, a cell phone, and a wallet that didn’t belong to him.

After his arrest for felony assault and theft, a King County Intake nurse advised Ailep was not suffering from mental illness but was “extremely intoxicated” from a stimulant narcotic. While the Seattle Police Department hasn’t confirmed Ailep is homeless, a source suggested they believe him to be.

This is the third high-profile homeless attack on a passerby in the last several weeks, with a rape in Ballard and a strangling of a tourist near the Space Needle occurring within weeks of each other. These incidents are occurring as Mayor Jenny Durkan asks for community support to place tiny home villages in residential neighborhoods. The South Lake Union village may be low barrier, which would allow someone like Ailep the ability to keep his drugs in his home.


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22 responses to “Rape, strangulation and assault: Three attacks by homeless people in Seattle in less than a month

  1. And in the socialist paradise of Berkeley, CA, a homeless man assaulted a female police officer, who got a concussion, but the D.A. charged the homeless dude with only a misdemeanor battery.

  2. So far they haven’t attacked the wrong person. Someone will and they will end up dead from a gun shot wound. If you enlighten them that they are being coddled then they will take advantage of it and push as far as they can with the laws. They need to nip this in the bud and quick before a passer by or a homeless gets killed.

    • The mayor of Seattle is too busy heading to Texas to protest illegal immigrants not being coddled…

      • From reading that it seems we have a lot of folks in politics that do not want to follow the rule of law unless it advances them or their agenda then the law is to be followed by the letter. Man the state this country has gotten to is ridiculous and borders insanity. If you live a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots you must be in America.

      • Adding Seattle to my list of places not to visit. A long list now. Not that Los Angeles is anything to write home about. I see the nutty mayor of Lost Angels here is joining other nutty mayors heading for Texas. Perhaps nutty is being too kind. Dr. Eowyn just did a posting about psychopaths, a more fitting description of this crowd.

        • I spoke w/a friend tonight in WA state who said that a year ago they were in downtown Seattle scoping wedding sites. Friend said it was NASTY. They recently chose a site outside of downtown Seattle due to the smells and homeless.
          Sounds like Seattle has become a sh*thole…

      • We don’t want him here…

  3. Rape, strangulation, assault….oh I thought it was Bill Clinton’s biography title.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Peter Fonda should start taking his psych meds again. He’s a raving lunatic without them.


    • truck . . . .Only a fool or an imbecile (or a Progressive_ would think that “Constitutional Carry Makes the Criminals Kinder.”

      • So you believe a criminal with a gun would be just as likely to rob a convenience store knowing everyone inside could blow him out of his shoes as he would knowing nobody in there has a gun? I’d say YOU’D be the fool.
        It’s a proven fact that armed criminals HATE armed victims more than Cops.

  6. What does the former mayor’s sexual orientation have anything to do with this topic?


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