Rally to Support Wisconsin Gov Walker Tomorrow!

Buses will be coming from:

  • Wausau – Wausau Homes 10805 Bus. Hwy. 51 Schofield
  • Milwaukee – Bus 1: State Fair Bus 2: Goerkes Corners
  • Eagle River/Rhinelander – Stop 1: Derby Track Stop 2:Rhinelander (WalMart Parking Lot)
  • Eau Claire – TBA; Green Bay/Appleton – Rock K Ranch – Greenleaf
  • Manitowoc – TBA
  • Racine – TBA.

For more information and to register for a bus, check in at IStandWithWalker.com.

Wisconsin Freedom Rally to Support Scott Walker Saturday

Join Andrew Breitbart, Herman Cain, and Jim Hoft at Wisconsin Freedom Rally to Support Scott Walker Saturday

I STAND WITH SCOTT WALKER RALLY (organized by American Majority)

Time: Saturday, February 19 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: Wisconsin State Capitol, South Steps
Created By Dave Westlake, Matt Batzel, Ashley Schultz
Featuring Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart.com and Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit. More Speakers TBA.
As the week has progressed, Wisconsin and the Nation have watched schools across Wisconsin close due to teachers participating in a “sick out”, the unions bussing people in from other states to inflate their rally numbers in Madison and legislators fleeing the state to avoid the vote on the budget repair bill.
It’s time the voices of the Wisconsin people are heard.
We’ve had thousands of people show up for tea party events to rally to take our state back – but our work isn’t done. Let’s have our voices heard once again and show our state legislators that we support this bill. We need concerned Wisconsin citizens to show up at noon on Saturday, February 19th to voice our support for Gov. Walker and our conservative legislators! Tell your friends–let’s set a turn out record!
~Posted by Eowyn
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Candance Moore
Candance Moore

It’s high time for conservatives to learn how to organize as well as the left does it.


I posted this over at NB a little earlier:
I hope Gov. Walker has the stones to stick this one out, as this thing has ramifications that reach well beyond the borders of Wisconsin.
Losing is not an option, as doing so may very well make turning this nation around utterly impossible.
And besides, it’s time for productive Americans to finally win one against the government moochers, leeches, and ticks – unionized or otherwise, who have been running roughshod over taxpayers for decades.


Where can I find a bus schedule for the rally 2/19/2011 in support of Walker without having to go on face book. Ton’s of bus scheduled for the opposition but I’ve yet to find a schedule of buses for the Walker Support.

James E McKinney
James E McKinney

Stand fast Gov. Walker! You are correct in your policies. The public unions will destroy Wisconsin as a business friendly state if you succumb to their demands. From CT