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Dodgeball ban at New Hampshire school district after bullying

Fox News: A New Hampshire school district has banned dodgeball and other “human target” activities over concerns about violence and bullying. The  school board in Windham voted 4-1 last week to remove the game and nine others  from the district’s curriculum.
The Eagle-Tribune reports the board voted after a committee of physical education teachers studied the issue. A middle school parent complained his child was bullied during a dodgeball game. The committee recommended eliminating the game, and others, including prison ball,  slaughter, and bombardment.
We spend a lot of time making sure our kids are violence free,” Windham superintendent Dr. Henry LaBranche said. “Here we have games where we use children as targets. That seems to be counter to what we are trying to  accomplish with our anti-bullying campaign.”
School Board member Dennis Senibaldi cast the sole vote against the ban. “We  have rules that are set in place to deal with bullying,” he said. “We don’t need to ban an entire round of games just to enforce those rules.”
The  National Association for Sport and Physical Education said there are any number of reasons to drop dodgeball. “It’s an elimination game,” said Andrew Mead, program manager at NASPE. “Games like dodgeball and tag don’t keep kids involved and physically active. They objectify slower students who don’t catch as well.”
Senibaldi  offered a solution. “We could just do it on a point system,” he said. “So, no one gets knocked out right away.”
From the school district web page:
Our mission is to be a continuously improving, learning community, providing quality services to enable all children to master the knowledge and competencies necessary to function skillfully throughout life.
Hate to tell the school district but life can be an elimination system. Not everyone excels in sports. Not everyone can catch very well. Not everyone is going to get the job. Welcome to the real world. Best to teach your children the skills to deal with it.
Windham School District
19 Haverhill Road, Windham, NH 03087
Tel: 603.425.1976

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Look at the names of the other games, Slaughter, Bombardment, Prison ball. Surely there is something amiss here. . Names chosen send a message!.
Dodge Ball sounds much tamer. Were these names chosen from video games or what.?


OH MY. That would eliminate musical chairs, Red Rover, and many other playground games. If you want to take this all the way, you’d have to eliminate tests as well since some kids don’t score as well as others.
Bullying is one thing. Playground sports and games are another. This is so idiotic it’s hard not to think of the incompetence of the people making these decisions. These educators are making this country a haven for failure.


I totally agree with the ban and with stephanie. When I was in school dodgeball was usually reserved for substitute teacher days and it was a nightmare, nothing but the biggest and meanest kids slinging the ball as hard as they could at the smaller ones for the express purpose of doing as much damage as possible. A lot of gym class “games” were like this, so much so that many kids in my high school, even honor students, skipped gym class altogether for years and accepted the failing grade. I did it myself one year. Interestingly, the school never… Read more »


Um, “violence-free” really means resistance- or spine-free. (Notice how schools shrug and say a bully is “misunderstood” when he does something, but anyone who defends themselves against him get punished because “all violence is wrong.”