Rahm Emanuel is Psycho

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When news came that newly-elected POTUS Barack Obama had chosen Rahm Emanuel to be his White House Chief-of-Staff, we were told that Emanuel has the nickname “Rahmbo” because of his hyper-aggressiveness.
In 1996 when he was the director of the finance committee of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, Emanuel is said to have:

  • Sent a dead fish in a box to a pollster who was late delivering polling results.
  • Become so angry at Clinton’s enemies that, on the night after the 1996 election, he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting “Dead! … Dead! … Dead!” and plunging the knife into the table after every name.
  • Screamed to British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s face, “Don’t fuck this up!,” before Blair gave a pro-Clinton speech during the Monica Lewinsky impeachment crisis. Reportedly, Blair and Clinton both burst into laughter. [Source: Wikipedia]

The latest report of Emanuel’s unhinged behavior comes from an upcoming book by Newsweek national-affairs columnist Jonathan Alter which is getting a lot of buzz in Washington political circles. The Promise, due out from Simon and Schuster in May, chronicles in a blow-by-blow narrative Obama’s first turbulent year in office. According to an advance copy obtained by New York magazine

  • During the 2008 presidential campaign, Rahm told former President Bill Clinton to “stop acting like the fucking hack-in-chief.”
  • In one meeting with a junior male staffer, Rahm apparently yelled: “Take your fucking tampon out and tell me what you have to say.”
  • A few weeks after Obama got Bo as their family dog, “Rahm Emanuel ripped into Bo, whose household accidents were consuming valuable presidential time in cleanups.” Alter reports Rahm saying, “I’m going to kill that fucking dog.” [Now that’s going over the line, threatening violence to a pet dog. ~Eowyn]

The White House Chief of Staff is the highest ranking member of the Executive Office of the President of the United States and a senior aide to the President. The office-holder has been dubbed “The Second-Most Powerful Man or Woman in Washington” due to the nature of the job.
Hitler had Himmler; Obama has Emanuel. We have a psycho as the second most powerful man in Washington. God help us.

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0 responses to “Rahm Emanuel is Psycho

  1. Now I got it!!! Obama talked about visiting our 57 States during the campaign. It was a Freudian slip!!! He was talking about what is important to him, the 57 Nation OIC, Organization of the Islamic Conference. Now this slip makes sense. We always knew what side he was on! This proves it! Fight the Evil!

  2. Plus he is a potty mouth.I guess he can say it but can’t do it.I don’t mean his foul language.

  3. Darn it, Eo,
    I’m impotent–but I am 73—does that count or do I get a pass??

  4. Eowyn it’s called a Napoleon complex. He’s also sweet on Barry and trying to protect him.
    Ron Babby just try a younger women, you’re only as old as the women you feel!

    • “He’s also sweet on Barry and trying to protect him.”
      I’m gonna throw up now….
      Wayne Madsen Report did say that both Rahm and Barry are members of Man’s Country!

  5. Emanuel is crazier than a sprayed bug, PLUS he is former IDF, and holds dual citizenship, He needs to be gone.

  6. What do you expect from Chicago-thug politicians? They don’t have an ounce of class…
    When you surround yourself with these type of people, well I wouldn’t be surprised if The Traitor is just as foul-mouthed off camera.

  7. Eo,
    F- bombs are generally for the uneducated buffoons who have no vocabulary.
    I was in the army with a gentleman from Texarkana Texas and he never used that word–He would tell people to quite your inter coursing around.
    No real spelling for the word. I do not find it a word that comes to mind very often.
    old 1—I married a gal 17 years my junior but now she’s as old as me so young girls wear out sooner than you think. As far as the latter part of your comment – I’m afraid that younger gal I married would not agree with me doing something like that.
    I was thinking of asking Eo to marry me but my wife says no.

    • Wise words, Ron. We all get old, if we’re so lucky. Even “the younger woman” gets old!
      I married a man 21 years older. When he tries to yank my chain by threatening to “find a younger woman,” I tell him:
      “Honey, been there; done that. I am your younger woman.”

  8. Rahm’s all posturing, metaphors and image… too bad you can’t F-bomb Iran, an oil well and anyone else who don’t scare into submission.

  9. Suprisingly better! thanks for askin’ darlin’….I can actually walk again, and as you can tell, I’m not nearly as grumpy.

  10. Just found, clip of Rahmbo droppin’ da F-bomb!


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