Radioactive sleet and snow in White County, Arkansas

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Arkansas map showing White CountyMap of Arkansas (red is White County, which is part of Little Rock Combined Statistical Area).

On January 15, 2013, heavily radioactive sleet and snow fell on White County, Arkansas, but no one told the residents about that.
As reported by Activist Post on Jan. 22, the usual background levels of radioactivity in the White County area are 35cpm. But the sleet and snow on Jan. 15 were at an alert level of radioactivity of above 100cpm, the equivalent of flying at 30,000 feet or exposure levels for nuclear plant workers.
No warnings were issued to parents to keep their children indoor.
Thankfully, the high levels of radioactivity lasted for only about 24 hours, indicating a short half life of the hot particles. However, though brief, this kind of exposure can reduce our bodies’ immune system and may be the cause for recent spikes in flu and illness in this area and others.
Here’s a video showing the radioactivity count rising, then subsiding.


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0 responses to “Radioactive sleet and snow in White County, Arkansas

  1. the bungling incompetence of the obama administration reaches a new radioactive level

  2. this sparks a whole lot of questions in my mind. Do you ever ask yourself-why? Why are there so many new flu bugs? Why are so many different kinds of cancer coming about? Why are so many babies and elderly coming up with diabetes? Why are there so many alzheimers cases? it goes on and on. Why are there so many new drugs out by the pharmaceutical companies and two years later what do ya know they are deadly. It is no secret people like Bill Gates,Ted Turner, just a couple of examples believe in depopulation. It is no secret either that the U.S. govt. is in bed with these companies (especially in stocks) they have lined their pockets nicely. It is also no secret now that American Patriots are a threat to govt. employees. The govt has also unleashed scientists. I would urge people to study chemtrails, this being quietly done while the unsuspecting public pays no attention. There is a young man that played for the Oakland A’s that is trying very hard to bring awareness to chemtrails. They are dumping toxic waste over your head out in plain sight. Notice how people are having a hard time getting crops to grow in the soil.

  3. Okay, I have several questions. A search on this topic produces only about a half dozen “hits,” all on professional “Chicken Little” sites and all with exactly the same language as though it was cut and pasted from the original. Second, or who, exactly is the originator of this claim? Was any of this allegedly radioactive sleet/snow collected for chemical and/or radiological analysis; a nucleide with a half-life that short should be pretty specific. For that matter, was any of the precipitation collected and checked for radioactivity away from the soil it was on? Was the meter’s calibration even checked against a calibration standard?
    I have a hard time accepting or believing a single sourced claim such as this without at least some outside verification and four other sites all quoting this one exactly word for word do not count as verification.

    • Radiation Network has a map for the day showing radiation measurements across America. I suggest you find its map for the day for Jan. 15, 2013.

  4. It’s already been reported the radiation from Japan hit the West coast awhile back and we should no longer be eating produce from there, but you hear nothing from mainstream media about it. It’s probably all over the continent by now, so what does that say about our food supply now?

  5. What the heck did this come from?


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