Radical in Chief by Stanley Kurtz

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I spent yesterday watching various videos of Stanley Kurtz discussing his research on Obama’s socialist ties.  He’s a serious scholar with a PhD in Anthropology from Harvard who had access to some phenomenal records in Chicago and New York and all his evidence is presented in the book, RADICAL IN CHIEF.  I just ordered it from Amazon-only $15.00!    ~LTG

Stanley Kurtz was Keynote Speaker at David Horowitz’ November 2010 conference.  You’ll hear information that nobody else has brought out.

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  1. lowtechgrannie

    I caught 3 or 4 Stanley Kurtz inteviews yesterday and I’m not sure in which one he mentioned that they’ve deliberately encouraged businessmen and more traditionally-minded Democrats to leave the party. They want it to be the party of the marginalized underclass of “have nots”, mostly minority people, who can be whipped into a revolutionary frenzy into class warfare against the middle class.
    It’s the classic communist tactic of pitting the proletarians against the bourgeoise. And, while the two classes duke it out, the government takes over the means of production i.e. all the revenue-generating operations of the country.

  2. I don’t care about political labels. I care about preservation of our rights and values that came from The Constitution. The Patriot Act and Obama’s actions have robbed us of our rights.


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