La Raza: Racist Hispanic group funded by taxpayers

La Raza (in English, The Race) or the National Council of La Raza calls itself “a non-profit and non-partisan advocacy group in the United States, focused on improving opportunities for Hispanics” — Americans of Mexican descent.
But as its name “La Raza” implies, it is actually a racist organization. La Raza denies it’s racist, insisting instead that its name “La Raza” actually means the innocuous, non-race-specific, warm-and-fuzzy “The People.” That is political sophistry. Go to any Spanish-English dictionary and search for the English translation of “raza.” I did, and this is what I found:

Google English Spanish Translation for raza:

Dictionary – View detailed dictionary

  1. noun
    1. race
    2. breed
    3. strain
    4. colorcast

In other words, La Raza is a racist Latino, mainly Hispanic, organization that champions the “rights” of illegal immigrants aliens, as well as advocates open borders and the return (Reconquista) of the southwestern US to Mexico.

The territory in red represents radical Hispanics’ fantasy and goal of Aztlan – the mythic homeland of the “brown race” (their term, not mine).

Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor was a 6-year member of La Raza.
This racist organization receives funding from philanthropic organizations, such as the Ford Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as corporations such as Citigroup and Wal-Mart. La Raza also receives some $5 million of our tax dollars each year — when America is more than $14 trillion in debt.
Ask yourself this question: Would the US government ever provide funding to a group that champions the rights of the “white” race or the rights of any other outlaw group? But our feral gubbmint is doing just that, pouring our hardearned dollars into this rat hole that champions the rights of ILLEGAL immigrants. For those who are language-challenged, illegal means OUTLAW!
Ralph Alter writes in the American Thinker, Stop government funding of La Raza,” March 11, 2011:

As we observe the baby steps being taken by the newly elected budget-cutting Congress of 2010, we are coming to realize how absurd the old Washington political approach of throwing money at our problems is. The remarkable capitalist engine driving our free republic had become so incredibly powerful that for decades politicians have been able to shovel billions of dollars toward our foreign allies and adversaries, developed a safety net that assured food and medical care for nearly all U.S. citizens (and millions of non-citizens) and funded crackpot studies of no use and political causes of nearly every stripe.
The funding for one such political group seems particularly inappropriate considering our current fiscal dilemma. Mike Piccione at Human Events pulled the tax returns from 2006 to 2009 for the radical Latino group, the National Council of La Raza, and discovered that our federal government shelled out nearly $12 million to help the controversial group promote open borders and amnesty for illegals during that period.
La Raza translates from the Spanish to “the Race.” The group has been associated with the motto: “Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza, nada.” This translates as “For The Race, everything, outside The Race, nothing.” The group publicly rejects it’s link to this motto as well as any connection to the popular Mexican concept of “reconquista” (Mexico) or taking back the southwestern United States by overwhelming demographics.
The details of La Raza’s use of those federal funds includes generous compensation to 17 foundation officers and board members ranging from $119,675 to $378,446. The tax returns also itemize a total of $800,787 for expenses “to lobby the U.S. government for money.”
Apparently at one time this made sense. A similar donation to a white supremacist group would never had gotten out of the gate. Paying special interest groups in order to enable them to lobby the government to pay them to lobby doesn’t seem like a very good investment, especially to a group promoting the continuation and extension of billions of dollars in payments for the welfare, education and medical payments for non U.S. citizens.
Call or write your congressman and insist that all funding to La Raza be ended.


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give the guy with the sign some history lessons geez… indigenous peoples my ass… maybe he could explain how all the burial mounds across the u.s. plus the earliest settlements in North America (along the coast in Virginia) all have caucasian skeletons. that predate any other peoples. (smithsonian magazine)
(history channel)




No mas dinero!


I didn’t realize the Spaniards were here since The Flood.
But I didn’t attend government school, either.


It saddens me to think of how weak working class America has been forced to become. We are a people who has accepted and respected, the laws instituted by our Government, all while in persuit of the American Dream. Americans, gleefully established the Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth, while overly taxed by IRS and cheated by “Large Banks”, scamed by Special Interest, and all under the scrutny of the same Government…. that working class Americans respectfully trusted… till now!


The American public. Slow to wake, but the coffee’s on.

Gypsy Dave

Fkn illegal ALIENS !!! Watched on youtube awhile back all these hispanics demonstrating for their illegal buddys dragging an American flag thru the street. I spent 2 years in R V N so they could ‘express’ themselves, will I get the same curtasy if I see them in person and shoot them?……wow, my spelling sux!