Race imposter Rachel Dolezal continues to insist she’s black


When asked if she’s faking her skin color, Dolezal admits to only having used bronzer. However, sources told TMZ that Dolezal was a loyal customer at Palm Beach Tan in Spokane, Washington. TMZ:

“We’re told she was a fan of Mystic Tan … a brand of spray tan. We’re told Rachel was a frequent customer. Palm Beach Tan offers light, medium and dark shades. Our sources wouldn’t tell us which Rachel chose, but a spray tan expert tells us Rachel’s a medium girl. The cost … a reasonable $30 a dip. There are also packages of $60 a month for unlimited visits.”

Dolezal’s insanity clearly has been passed on to her 13-year-old son, who says (beg. at 4:00 mark) instead of calling his mother a liar, she should be celebrated as a hero.

H/t FOTM’s maziel

See also “Busted! President of Washington NAACP is white”.


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1 year ago

Only a fan of medium? If she’s afraid to go full dark why is that? I don’t think she’s prejudiced, do you? Snark, snark!