R.I.P., Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

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0 responses to “R.I.P., Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

  1. Beautiful voice….she did it right!

  2. Imagine! This is the anthem that Barack Obama does not like!

  3. I’m sorry people but we are looking up to the WRONG people, we have REAL HEROES, they DIE EVERY DAY, protecting our way of life and now we’ll hear about a drug addict for the next 2 weeks, BS!!! No wonder our country is so screwed up! We need to get our priorities in order, what about the Soldier or Marine that won’t EVER get to see his child grow up? Houston MADE the choice to do DRUGS, our military chose to keep us FREE. Wake up People. Semper Fi.

    • Vic,
      Posting a YouTube video of Houston singing the Star Spangled Banner is NOT “looking up” to her. Good grief, can’t you for once give your never-ceasing outrage a rest.

      • Hello. Thank you so much for this video. The spirit and soul of the USA was all up in this beautiful singing of the anthem and Whitney was the one God chose to sing it like that, he created her to carry the idea of our glorious republic into forever………………and ever………

  4. Heaven graciously allows us people whose gifts are non-stop, in spite of what happened in their lives. Her voice never failed her, nor did Elvis’s; Mozart wrote flawlessly, even while dying from uremic poisoning; the list can be very long. Let us acknowledge their gifts and the Source, and simply say “Thank You!” for the time we have with them. It’s all a blessing.

  5. Same here.
    And holding it together isn’t nearly as cut and dried as many might think.
    So easy it is for those who haven’t been there to weigh in on it, though.


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