QVC Cancels “Hanoi Jane”!

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Loves her country!

Jane Fonda: QVC axed my appearance over politics

Good for QVC!  Jane Fonda says she’s been banished from QVC amid concerns about her political past. The network says it was a routine programming change.

Fonda was set to appear on the home-shopping channel on Saturday to promote her new book on aging, “Prime Time.” But the day before, she learned her segment had been cancelled. In a statement posted on her website, Fonda says QVC told her of receiving “a lot of calls” from viewers criticizing her opposition to the Vietnam War and threatening to boycott the show if she was allowed to appear.

Fonda goes on to say she is “deeply disappointed that QVC caved to this kind of insane pressure” and declares, “I love my country.”

Fonda was dubbed “Hanoi Jane” nearly 40 years ago after visiting the North Vietnamese capital, where she made radio broadcasts critical of U.S. war policy. While there, she was photographed sitting on an anti-aircraft gun laughing and clapping. Though she still defends her anti-war activism, Fonda has acknowledged that the photo incident was “a betrayal” of American forces. “That two-minute lapse of sanity will haunt me until the day I die,” she wrote in her 2006 autobiography.

To this day, I remember the words coming out of my dad’s mouth when Hanoi Jane had her “lapse of sanity”.  Can’t repeat any of them here.  Fonda’s “political activism” remains quite active to this day, especially when it comes to bashing conservatives. She blamed Gabrielle Gifford’s shooting on Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the TEA Party.

I say kudos to QVC for cancelling her appearance!  I wouldn’t buy anything from this commie traitor.


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31 responses to “QVC Cancels “Hanoi Jane”!

  1. A two-minute lapse? That single picture may have only taken two minutes, but it spoke volumes.

  2. Jane can’t shut her mouth can she? Her blaming Gifford’s shooting on Beck, Palin and and the Tea Party , is yet again another example of her twisted mentality. I was a young bride of an Airman who was in Vietnam when the witch did what she did. I will NEVER EVER forgive her. That is for God to do.

  3. Song from ’73, “Hanoi Jane”…

  4. Good for QVC! I will actually go on their website to see if there’s anything I can afford/buy.

    As for Fonda, has she ever done anything constructive to show her sincere remorse and atone for her “2-minute lapse of sanity”? No? Then it’s all empty verbiage.

  5. Good riddence, she needs to go somewhere and crawl in a hole and stay there, she didnt learn anything from the Vietnam era, it appears now that she still sticks her commie nose in politics, she is dirt and should be reminded often, just like the Dixie twits, chicks or whatever thay call themselfs.

  6. Sorry, but I cannot post what I am actually thinking on this thread, as sugar-coating just wouldn’t have the same effect, and telling it straight would get Eowyn really, really mad at me. 🙁

    LOL – Besides, most of you probably know what I would say, anyway.


    • Hear that Dave…had to make several revisions to this before I posted it, including removal of some of my dad’s words 🙂

      • DCG,

        I bet they were pretty close to the words my Marine dad said.

        LOL – Hearing my dad use the F word for the first time was an experience, as I didn’t even know what it meant.


  7. Enough is enough , you evil conservatives need to be murdered in cold blood NOW

  8. Civil war is coming. I’ve been practicing at the firing range every week in preparation for the conservative blood I plan on spilling

    • Us evil cons don’t take a personal threat of our lives too lightly Jackass. Better make sure your aim is better than ours..

      I gather you missed the civility memo from Bambi?

      How many cons you “murdered” lately Jackass?

      • The u.s murdered millions of people in Vietnam. Its time for America to burn to the ground. DiE YOU WRETCHED BITCH

        • Yep, you missed the civility memo!

          Bring it on big boy…Momma gonna let you leave the basement to put your plan into action?

        • Jack, it’s time to take your meds and not make threats. I understand the six foot tall bunny rabbit that quotes Alinsky and tells you to do things may be quite real, but it’s unfair to include other who can’t see or talk to him.

        • P.S. Don’t threaten DCG, that’s certainly not nice and quite anti-social of you. Conservatives, who tend to have experience in the real world beyond playing on the computer and/or watching Discovery Channel, take such things quite seriously based upon their contexts. It might be a good idea to apologize, say you were being stupid and tell that big bunny rabbit fan of Alinsky advising you to shut up for a while.

          • Thank U Anon…Between you, Dave & Steve, I know this jackass wouldn’t survive round 1 in a real man’s fight. Heck, he couldn’t find the light of day from momma’s basement!

        • P.P.S. Jack, also turn off the Jane Fonda Workout Video and put down the lotion/tissues… this, here, is called “Free Speech” and that, there, is called something you could go blind if you do it too much. There’s a difference. Not everyone shares your fondness for Jane Fonda and they’re entitled to their opinion… just as you are entitled to your, um, activity. Remember that, trollmeister.

    • FU, you freedom hating commie puke.

      You had better bring friends, and a lot of them, as you are not only severely outnumbered, but out gunned as well.


    • You had better hope the FBI finds you before certain members of my family do.

      No sh*t.


  9. If anyone says nice things about her, they’re being fooled.

  10. future darwin award winner for certain. do you ever wonder why so many more liberals win darwin awards? its to bad that they all couldn’t end their gene pool early and stop passing the liberal/retard gene to their offspring. liberals remind me of leeches a leech on society sucking the blood out of the economy.


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