Quiz: Which Candidate Is Most Like You?

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USA Today has a quiz you can take to find out which presidential candidate’s views on 11 issues are most similar to yours.
The candidates are, in alphabetical order, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Barack Obama, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum. The issues are:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Energy
  3. Health care
  4. Medicare
  5. Immigration
  6. Experience
  7. Social Security
  8. Climate change
  9. Taxes
  10. Defense spending
  11. Gay marriage

I took the quiz and must admit I was surprised by the results. Ron Paul’s views are the best fit with mine (66.7% agreement), with Rick Perry being the next (53.4%), followed by Michele Bachmann (46.8%).
But then, like all social science measuring instruments, this quiz is methodologically flawed/inadequate:

  • The quiz gives equal weight to every one of the 11 issues when, in real life, some issues are more important to us than others. And so, although I may agree with Candidate X on a greater number of issues, we are on opposing sides on an issue about which I’m passionate. Whereas, although I may agree with Candidate Y on a fewer number of issues, on the one or two issues about which I care greatly, we are in agreement.
  • The quiz’s scope is 11 issues, leaving out many others, such as education, abortion, the national debt and government spending. Moreover, it’s USA Today who selected those 11 issues because they deem those 11 issues to be important. You or I may disagree.

To conclude, I suggest you take your quiz results with a grain of salt. In the last analysis, you know best which candidate you like, that is assuming you’ve done the homework on the candidates — their qualifications, policy positions, values, and moral character.
To take the quiz, click here.

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0 responses to “Quiz: Which Candidate Is Most Like You?

  1. I took this quiz online a day or two ago. My best matchup was also Ron Paul. Worst was with Romney.
    On Bachmann, I listened to a C-Span broadcast where they linked up with a Des Moines talk radio show. She was the in-studio guest for the first hour, followed by Ron Paul in the second hour. A caller asked her about all the new infrastructure mandating new electrical meters and power grids. He was obviously referring to the Agenda 21 Smart Meters and associated technology, although he didn’t specifically say “Agenda 21”. She didn’t pick up on the implication of his question at all. She just went on a spiel about how much she was for energy independence. With her Tea Party credentials, I was amazed at her answer!
    Here’s the link https://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/303422-1

  2. I don’t care what this rigged survey says (and I do believe it’s rigged somehow….they can turn their answers to match something Paul said, in some way or form. Never trust the SRM), I am not voting Ron Paul. My score (Paul 53.4%, Bachmann 46.8% and Huntsman 46.8%).

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul’s campaign paid for/planted this survey.

  4. My closest match was Michele Bachman(52.1 %) but when I skewed the importance of the issues she was tied with Mitt Romney which surprised me alot. Since he has changed his position on alot of things in which time frame did they take his policy position?
    I also think this survey can be skewed by the way the answers are worded and the limits of the choices that are given. ABO…… anyone but Obama!!!!

    • I was very active in my sons’ public school activities in the 1970s and early 1980s, room mother for both all through their elementary years. Michelle Bachmann always reminds me of those officious yuppy PTA presidents who kept reminding everyone that under their leadership, the paper drives and bake sales were the most successful on record.

  5. Dennis H. Bennett

    I was surprised….Bachman 66.7% and Gingrich/Santorum tied at 60.1% The choices are stated, political positions of the candidates which immediately undermines the quiz. What would they really do?
    And you’re right..I do take this with a grain of salt, especially as it comes from USA Today.

  6. My three were Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman.

  7. I noticed, however, that the issue of Abortion was not listed. I thought they didn’t list it because they believe all of the candidates are pro-life. There are levels of being pro-life and the abortion issue should be addressed. Dr. Eowyn’s analysis sheds light on the importance and inadequacies of the test. But, it was interesting in any event. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for this interesting post!


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